Sorry to moan

Just want to say (as I keep talking to myself)…my legs are killing me today …actually feel sickly with it…unfortunately today is a day my tablets don’t seem to be doing owt…feeling sorry for myself as I had a lovely day yesterday this must be my pay back. Sorry once again to whinge!

Whinge away, we all get days like that. ((((((hugs))))))

Hey Blossom Thank you just had a long sleep and my Mum is collecting my daughter from school so going to have another cheeky nap if I can sleep it off! Lazy I know !

Not lazy! Sleep is awesome! The times you are nodding off and trying to stay awake are the worst though. There is always stuff to do!

hugs I totally feel the same sometimes, like I used some of today’s “spoons” yesterday and that impacts hard.

I dunno if anyone talks about the Spoon Theory here? I can link to it if it’s not familiar.

You do right, you cheeky little napper :slight_smile: I’m always nodding off…excuse me while I yawn :slight_smile: X

In and amongst I actually slept till 7pm with intermittent waking up and still managed to sleep at night too. My pain is a pain and fatigue is tiring!!! Will look up spoon theory Claire x

Fatigue is the pits. I don’t know about you Manoon but I can go to bed tired and wake up just as tired :frowning: Hope the rest helped :slight_smile: I shall have to google the spoon theory too x

You’ve just reminded me still haven’t looked at the spoon theory, Blossom, I didn’t even know what ‘spooning’ was till about six years ago, sheltered life I have lead! :slight_smile:

I’m struggling myself M at the moment.

I’ve done nothing for days.

I just need to sleep!

…so thats what i’m doing!!

I just can’t fight it!

Please look up the ‘spoon theory’. It’s very emotional so keep a tissue handy. (or is it just me thats a big softie?)



it is okay to grumble and to moan sometimes we all need to do that … And ‘The Spoon Theory’ … Well what a tear jerker made me cry like a girl… feeling like i do too much of that recently.

D’you know I still haven’t looked up the spoon theory,memory flipping bad!

Wow really made me blub x

It helped my 5 year old understand why I’m so often so tired :