Fatigued, sad and confused

This is going to be moan, so move on if you don’t fancy that! I was diagnosed almost 2 weeks ago and it was more of a relief than a surprise, to be honest. Now I’m thinking, ‘crikey’ (add your own word!) this is it! This will always be hanging over me and I will always be second guessing how I feel, and feeling guilty about it. It feels melodramatic to tell people but I feel I have to. I keep making grand plans for diet and exercise and then thinking ‘I won’t do it’, I won’t do anything. I am hiding in audio books because they don’t hurt my eyes and they manage to block out some of the thinking. I have to have a lie down in the medical room at work to get through a full day. And its 8pm and I really want to get ready for bed, thinking I can let myself go to bed at 10pm… At least it explains the fatigue I’ve been having for a very long time - I can’t remember the last time I felt really awake! I’m like a bear awaiting hibernation. At least some of my symptoms have abated - the buzzing has calmed down, along with the leg pain. Who knows what tomorrow brings - I’m just hanging on to today. Thanks for listening x

I know exactly how you feel. I have extreme fatigue, but you have to be thankful for being diagnosed and at least you know your groundings now. I always think that it could be worse, it could be something that even with treatment could be the end of my life as I know it. You’re still here, yeah you’re tired and you ache, but surely there could something else that would be much more damaging to your life than a condition. You have that condition, the condition doesn’t have you.

Stay strong, deep breaths and have a cry if you really need to.

Take care,

Tsuki xx

HI Becca…

Moan away… it DOES help!

I feel exactly like you ATM and have no energy whatsoever, alongside lots of other odd stuff and I really understand how crap that feels. I also understand that no one else seems to understand! That is, until you visit this site. I have had many a moan on here and it has helped me get through some real tough times, simply knowing someone gets me or is in a similar position. This disease can be so isolating and can easily leave you feeling terribly depressed.

Please keep posting and hold on to the thought that there will be good days!


Troski x

Thanks both of you :slight_smile: I feel more positive this morning! I need to give myself a break: it is going to take more than a fortnight to get to grips with this. Isolation is a good word - I’m trying to keep things inside myself, thinking that if no one else was around to interfere/know I could manage fine. This isn’t the best thinking for several reasons and I think contributes to the sad/lonely feelings.

I’m very grateful to have a got a relatively quick diagnosis from what seems like a compassionate team - I really feel for people on here who have been coping with symptoms for years. And there are so many things that are much worse to have - as I keep reassuring members of my family when I’ve told them. I’m a lucky girl in lots of ways. As you say Troski, it’s very helpful to have somewhere where people do understand and you can vent and ask questions without being a burden in ‘real’ life. I’m sure people at work aren’t as fascinated by my changing foot sensations as I am!

And a big thanks to the moderators for keeping out the spam :slight_smile:

Onward ever onward


Hello hun.

I was glad to read that you are feeling somewhat better today.

As you say, 2 weeks is the tiniest plop in a huge lake, to get to grips with something as big as MS.

Youre gonna have to be patient with yourself. it takes a long time to absorb everything thats going on.

Be good to yourself and dont try to google stuff…you can scare yourself silly doing that.

I`m not sure what you mean when you talk about isolation…does it make you feel better, when someone isnt looking or speaking to you?

I often remind myself that there are many, many people who are a lot worse than me.

Some folk can`t understand how that sentiment helps me, but it does.

Keep coming here for advice and support hun.

luv Pollx

Glad you’re feeling a bit better today but 2 weeks is no time at all to get your head round stuff and even if you have you’re still allowed a moan if you feel rubbish. Sending hugs Axx