Fed up

Evening all, Just came on here as having a fed up evening, you know when every little thing gets to you, and just wanted to give everyone of you that maybe also feeling the same way tonight, due to being in pain not getting them jobs done that you know you used to be able to do before you got this horrid problem, a great big computer hug xx

Hi Henri big hug to you too. Hope you have a good night. Tomorrow is another day (I know thats as stupid as a game of 2 halves but somehow I find it reassuring anyway!)…

Virtual hugs all round from me too. The one who, having had a nap this afternoon is still going to bed early (and maybe sleeping too if I can find the volume control on this tinnitus!!!) How lovely of you Henri to think of others even as you are feeling down. Good for you!

Aww hi Henri,

As you can see from my post I was feeling the same. But I think a new day can help.

It’s a horrible situation to be in, but I try to focus on the positives in my life when I’m feeling fed up. Just know you’re not alone. Any time you feel like getting it off your chest come here. Sending virtual hugs.

Hi thanks for your replies, everything had just got on top of me, not only being ill at the moment but also moving house so we can be closer to people to help me on them bad days, Thanks all for all your hugs, it’s nice sometimes to realise that it’s not only you that feels the way you do. New day to more positive it will go well, what will be will be u just keep plodding on and smiling. Night all xxxxxxx