fed up

How can I feel even worse than I did a cpl days ago… I dont know… But I do, I have had pain in my ribs for 3 days now and today I have permanant cramp in my left calf and numbness in my right cheek, haven’ t told anyone other tgan my hubby cuz im scared they will think im mental krissy :frowning:

Hey Krissy! When I tell people other than my hubby about all my wierd & wonderful symptoms they don’t THINK I’m mental because they KNOW I am anyway!!! Nothing wrong with a bit of pottiness I say!!

All humour aside though lovely - it’s not surprising you are in a dark place! If you took each symptom on it’s own it’s just about tolerable - especially if they only last a few hours or a few days even!

But when you put them all together and they go on & on & on & on then it’s a totally different story isn’t it!

It’s daunting lovely & I really feel for you - been there as have lots of others on here x

So go easy on yourself and hopefully it’ll end soon for you xxxjenxxxx

Thanks for your reply jen, ha ha ! I def am a big bit potty lol I think it would be easier to deal with (well a lil bit) if I knew what was going on, have had various blood tests so waiting for neuro appt now but I have always been spot on with my health issues in the past so am getting clued up incase. Hope your doing ok and thanks again for your lovely reply krissy :slight_smile: xx

No probs at all! Like I say - been there got the Tshirt!

I always say knowing what is going on - no matter what - is half the battle!

But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s to be prepared in case it’s a long journey! If it happens quick like it does for many then all well & good - in the meantime stay strong & lean on this forum for support xxjenxxxxx