Sorry but feeling down and need to moan

Hi Teresa Financial incentive works very well on teenage boys, I’ve found! Teresa xx P.S. I think we will confuse people with Teresa at both ends of the post!

Hi Teresa

so bribery is the answer yet again then? lol!!!

I am just a big softie - thats my problem. I need to be tougher. I also cant stand the mess so after putting up with it for a while - I give in and do the tidying myself.

Teresa. x

Yes, that tends to happen in my house too. I watch and see if anyone else picks up or puts away something lying around. Amazingly they never do, so I end up doing it. Teresa xx

This made me laugh. It looks like one person called Teresa just talking to herself

I do feel like i’m talking to myself sometimes but generally i talk to my tortoise as she is the only one who listens to my moaning and she doesn’t answer back or argue with me! lol!

Teresa. x

Honestly there are two of us! Teresa xx

Hi Finnberry

Welcome to the site! I could do with a good cook in my house as i am fed up of doing it all myself!

Teresa. x

Hi Finberry, I’m still quite new myself. Would you send your boys here please to sort mine out!

My eldest is 14 and he is a pretty good cook but I have to nag him to get him to do it. He rekons he is going to be a chef, I have tried telling him he will have to cook more than once a month lol

Treek my friends laugh at me because I have conversations with my dogs (one sided obviously) but at least they dont answer back

My 3rd son loves baking and tries out loads of new recipes on us all that often don’t quite work. We don’t have the heart to stop him though as he loves doing it and does make a really lovely chicken chow mein! I don’t find it very easy to cook anymore as standing up for anytime is hard going and my balance is c**p, so between my husband and 3 out of 4 sons, they all manage to cook most of the meals. I help out a bit with veg peeling etc. but don’t do much of it now. Teresa xx