Silver fillings removed 6 months ago.

I know some of you will disagree with this, but I had silver fillings from my teeth removed about six months ago and I manage my ms with diet only.

A big difference I noticed this morning: I descended a flight of stairs whilst holding a suitcase. This would not have been possible six months ago.



That’s wonderful news - I have never had any fillings, so that’s not an issue for me, but what diet do you follow?


Luisa x

Dear Luisa

My diet is outlined in Roger McDougall’s ‘My Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis’.

There are details, but basically low fat, low sugar, no gluten, no msg.

My humour adds ‘and plenty of alcohol’ but that’s just me shhh.


Thanks Mark, your secret’s safe with me - I’ll have a look at that one and maybe give it a bash - I’ve got the Jelinek book and I’ve cut out red meat altogether (I really miss steak though!), cut down on sat fat, and I do feel a bit better for it.

L x

Hi L x

I don’t know what’s inside that famous Jelinek book.

The odd steak is fine I think, fillet steak is low fat. If it’s rump or sirloin, cut off the fat. Sirloin tastes better anyway, but cut it. Sometimes I do steaks according to my guests’ tastes and serve it with herbs and soya cream. You could use ordinary cream if you can’t bear soya but it’s more caloriphic.


The Jelinek book basically says to avoid red meat and to minimise sat fat - there are other instructions too, they involve vitamin D and flax seed oil. My mum tried a gluten free diet, it didn’t help her, but her MS was very aggressive and I’m not sure that anything would have slowed it. Mine isn’t going as fast thankfully, so I have time to try different things. I tried a little red meat a couple of years ago (the book says to cut it out completely for a year and then slowly reintroduce it), but I was floored for about a week, so I’m keeping with bird and fish, it’s not difficult. I have been thinking about trying the gluten free one - I think it’ll be easier to follow now than when my mum tried it 20 years ago, we were never out of the health food shop, and she seemed to live on rice cakes, but I have noticed Tesco stocking a lot of gluten free products now.

L x

Ooooh, where are you off to, or have you been and come back already?

Wherever it was, bet you were able to impress the ladies with your new smile

Lolli (finishing a glass of health-giving Co-op red whilst watching QPR v Stoke on MotD) xx

I must have missed the news about fillings…whats wrong with them?

The amalgum has mercury in it, there have been links to MS

L x

I see, thanks.

The mercury link to MS is another urban myth guys. The amalgam used in fillings maintains the integrity of the mercury and prevents it from leaching out of the filling. Conversely by removing the fillings you break down that integrity and actually cause MORE mercury to escape.

The amount of mercury that may inadvertantly leach in an amalgam filling is so infintisimal that it won’t cause any damage and is way below toxic levels. Also while it is true that toxic levels of mercury do cause damage to the nevous system the symptoms are quite different to those found in MS and are usually confined to the peripheral rather than central nervous systems.

And before anyone says, “But any mercury must be bad,” you eat more mercury every time you eat a piece of tuna.

Save your pennies (or pounds more like!) and leave your fillings alone.

Mark, I am really glad you have found improvement and that is wondeful but MS is such a weird beast that you may well have had this improvement anyway just due to the disease course. But we can never be sure…

And Lal02… so glad you have found Jelinek’s diet to be of benefit. Do be aware though that he has stayed on his DMDs so it is difficult to know how much the diet alone helped. But great to hear that you too are feeling better. After all, however we go about it, at the end of the day we are all looking for some improvement in our symptoms.

Stay well,


Hi, like Belinda, I dont believe mercury fillings are causing MS. I asked my dentist about this and he was adamant it isnt necessary to remove the fillings.

He told me some of his less professional colleagues are removing them, to make money and for no other reason.

I believe him.

But I am happy that you feel it was worth it.

Each to his own and all that, eh?

luv Pollx

Thanks Belinda - must admit to being a bit sceptical about the fillings thing - I have no fillings at all, but I still have MS, but if some people find it beneficial to have them removed, then good for them. My dentist has said that if I do ever need a filling, he’ll use the white stuff instead of amalgam, just to be on the safe side - I think it’s more cosmetically appealing anyway.

Re the Jelinek diet - I have only noticed a slight improvement after cutting out red meat (I don’t follow the whole thing), although I tried eating a little red meat a couple of years ago and it floored me for about a week! I kept on with the Avonex until Oct last year when I changed to LDN - it hasn’t made an improvement yet, but I’ll give it a year to see if it does. Just about to try going gluten free to see if that helps. I have read a few posts on here from people who have found it very beneficial, but my mum tried it too, and it didn’t work for her, so I have a pretty open mind.

Luisa x

Jobbing musician Lolli. We move around a lot. I hardly ever go on stage now but sometimes I do, and I am still doing a fair bit with my composer’s hat on (

Just to clarify the above quote subscribed to me is actually my quote with presumably josefkloz’s remark added into the middle.

I did not write

“If it’s question of money, each to their own. You won’t find a dentist with amalgam fillings curiously. I’m not ascribing anything to anything because I don’t know, and I guess you don’t either. So these jottings are just opinions and I just wanted to share my opinion with others.”

I am assuming it was a mix up with the quoting system in posting…



Mine has loads!

When I was first diagnosed and looking for a plan of action, I asked my dentist for his views on removing fillings because of the mercury and he advised against it strongly due to them being harmless in place but the risk lies in their removal when mercury is bound to be released.

Then he showed me that he ha quite a lot of amalgam fillings. I was surprised.

Got me thinking now… Next time I go to the dentist I want to see inside his gob


show me yours and I’ll show you mine kinda thing?