Silver fillings removed 6 months ago.

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There is a definite procedure when having amalgam fillings removed so that mercury and debris is not inhaled. It is done with a mask or dam as it’s called, with fittings inside the mouth to hold the thing in place. Just drilling into amalgam fillings without some protection from the debris will give you more trouble then you had when you started. This is whast some contributors have alluded to. No problem with a dam, more costly though. That’s life.

It is not painful at all but very comfortable either. For me it was worthwhile however. The cost was about five hundred pounds for three fillings which were replaced with white ones.


It should have read ‘not very comfortable either’

£500 for 3 fillings?!

I’d need to rob a bank!!!



The hip pocket is hurting…


It would cost thousands to sort my gob out!

l had my amalgum fillings removed and replaced with the ‘white’ ones 27yrs ago. l have never had another filling since - and the white ones have lasted very well. l had ‘16’ fillings replaced - at the B/Ham Dental Hospital - they did 4 at a time - with the ‘dam’ procedure which makes it safe. The dentist said l had a ‘mercury mine’ in my my mouth. He was about to retire - so was not concerned about getting into trouble with the NHS. He said you would never find a dentist who would admit that the mercury fillings were toxic - as it would be the end of their career. He also said that the NHS were 50yrs behind the times - and would take another 50 yrs to change. Also, if they admitted that the mercury fillings were dangerous they would be bankrupt with all the cases of negligence brought against them. l had read in the Observer about the ‘Toxic Time Bomb in your Mouth’ and l mentioned it to a friend whose son was training at the Dental Hospital - she told him - and he mentioned it to his tutor - who arranged for me to go for treatment straightaway. ln fact he rang me the following day.l had to get into B/Ham very early in the morning and l was never put down in the appointment book -it was all done secretly After l had mine replaced l straightaway felt different - before- my speech was so slurred that l sounded drunk - And my arms so weak that l had to have someone help me with looking after my baby - l could not lift her to change nappies - or to place her in the car-seat. l had to rely on good neighbours - so you can imagine the joy l felt when after having my fillings replaced l improved so quickly. l have never had this problem since. ln the past - dentists had the highest rate of suicide/alcoholism -[ l have a neighbour who is a dentist he said - jokingly - that he would go down the alcohol route.] l did not think that dentists still used amalgum fillings - l understood that they had phased them out. l know when my daughter was little she needed a filling - when l told the dentist that l had MS - straightaway the dentist said he would put a ‘white’ filling in.

Even my GP - at the time - now retired - had read the book Toxic Time Bomb - and was also in agreement. l had to take lots of highdose vitamin c to ‘chelate’ the effects. But the damage done is not reversible. lts not just fillings that have mercury in - most vaccinations have. And of course lots of people are in contact with it in their work. -Dentists and dental nurses - used to have regular tests done on hair/nail clippings to check that they had not absorbed over the ‘safe’ levels.

Well this is my personal experience- not heresay - l know l have posted about it before - but as the subject has risen again l wanted to add my story.

l don’t want this to turn into a ‘heated debate’ - and l am not saying that heavy metal poisoning causes MS - as we know not everyone with ms have silver fillings. But anyone with amalgum fillings pwms or without who have a metallic taste in their mouths/shooting pains/ migraines/damage to nervous system should consider having them changed - especially if they are old fillings - which can start ‘leeching’.

My MS has always been SPMS - never had RR


I don’t want to start a flame way, but I’m just adding this in the interest of balanced debate.

You can also say that dentists about to retire have a vested interest in bumping up their pension pots and are only too happy to money doing private work which pays rather better than NHS.

I don’t want to start a flame way, but I’m just adding this in the interest of balanced debate.

You can also say that dentists about to retire have a vested interest in bumping up their pension pots and are only too happy to money doing private work which pays rather better than NHS.

Not that l would like to mess about in people mouths - but dentists who have their own practise do earn a high salary.

Bridge- work and root canal fillings can cost anything from £400 - £600 pounds a time- and are not covered by nhs.

When you see the make-over programmes on tv - and someone gets a complete set of new gnashers implanted - the cost can be over £10.000. l know my OH was quoted £2000 just for two implants some years ago. He decided on ‘false teeth’ on a plate instead.



lts not painful to have your amalgum fillings removed and replaced - l had 16 done 4 at a time - without any injections.

This was 27yrs ago. Are you on good terms with your dentist - as if you discuss how you feel and the worry that the mercury is making your condition worse they may do it for you without charging too much. l was lucky and had mine done at a dental hospital. lf you have a DH near you perhaps you could ask.

l know there are a lot of folk saying its all nonsense - but then they have not had it done - l and the original poster have and can speak from personal experience. Many injections - innoculations also have mercury in them. Amalgum fillings is not the only way we can suffer from heavy metal toxins.


Dear Laura

No anaesthetic. It was done without anything, just the dam. I was in twice for 40 minutes each time. It was a good investment for me. Many are sceptical, that’s up to them. Many lose their cool just because I don’t agree with them, but for me it was a good investment.


Wot the “F***” !!! MS is just is!!! Im a bleedin dietitian, ate well all me life & still got it!!! Nowt we do does anythin!!! So I drink, smoke & b merry balls to it!!! So to b so bolshy!!!

i had some blood sent off by a private doctor. the results came back indicating heavy metal from dye.

i don’t work with or use dye so assumed it must be hair dye.

it’s a bummer that we only find out about all these things once we have ms!

carole x

Being of the ‘slightly older’ generation I can guarantee that my mother had no fillings - pre nhs it cost way too much. By the time I was born mum had false teeth.