Metal teeth fillings


I do not know if this is normal, but last week i had a amalgam tooth filling replaced by my dentist.

The filling contained, silver, mercury, tin, and copper and was stuck in my mouth for 25 years.

I had it replaced with a new white porcelain filling.

Since i had this filling removed my strength, co-ordination, fatigue has improved. Just a little bit, but noticeable. I just feel better.

Is this normal or is it in my mind?



hi anthony

i should imagine it’s a real feeling of well-being.

you’ve had a load of poison removed from your mouth.

i asked my dentist about it.

he said that i’d have to see a specialist dentist and pay a high price.

when you have an old filling removed the mercury ends up loose in your mouth.

he talked me round to not having it done.

so i didn’t go ahead.

carole x


When I had a big old mercury filling removed and replaced with a crown, my lovely dentist (I have been phobic since being a child but now have the nicest man who has cured me!) put a ‘dental dam’ in my mouth to catch all the old crappy bits of metal, this was both to stop me swallowing any mercury and also to prevent the gag reflex. It worked. He has basically said, to remove all the old Mercury fillings and replace them is likely to cause more MS problems than it solves.

Btw, I felt no difference after the change with regard to MS symptoms.

But it is nice to have old crappy metal taken out of your mouth and replaced with white porcelain, I suspect over the years all the huge old NHS fillings will be replaced slowly.



I have a fair few old amalgam fillings from childhood/you adulthood.

I asked my dentist about replacing them if they can have caused my condition. He said they weren’t a concern and preferred to leave them in situ.



I read the alternative medical view that mercury fillings cause MS and had my six metal fillings replaced with white ones (and took loads of vitamins that are meant to protect you from the effects of taking the fillings out). I saw no change in my MS symptoms at the time. I started to go downhill a lot more quickly about four years later, in spite of no longer having mercury in my mouth. I don’t think it was anything to do with my fillings - that’s just another alternative therapy suggestion with no basis in fact. The white ones do look a lot nicer, though.

The theory about metal fillings causing MS, for me, is utter nonsense.

My first MS symptom appeared 5 years before my first metal filling.

I thought replacing my only metal filling, a molar, would be expensive but it was not the case.

My dentist charged me £76 for removing the old metal filling and replacing it with a nice new porcelain one.


I have just started to walk unaided. Joint pain is now tolerable.


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It would bankrupt the nhs if the truth were out. We had mercury fillings put in our mouths!


From MS Society publication:

When was mercury amalgam first used? 1819: A mercury-based dental amalgam filling was invented by the English chemist, Bell.

About 1984;

Significant research at the University of Calgary School of Medicine demonstrated that mercury from dental amalgam fillings could be found in the blood and tissues of pregnant mothers and their babies within a few days.

I’m saying nothing.


Gosh this is depressing. All my teeth bar the front ones have amalgam fillings. And the are getting replaced over the years as they are 30 years old.

They’ve been saying for years that having mercury fillings is an added cause of MS. But that’s not the whole answer. Otherwise everyone who had their dentist fill up their mouths with amalgam would have MS. And people who’ve got no amalgam wouldn’t ever have MS.

Auto-immune disorders seem to come about through a whole load of causes. From genetic susceptibility, to gender, through geography, environment, virus exposure, age. And it appears amalgam fillings are likely to have an impact on this.

But none of these on their own are the answer. And in fact, you could have identical twins, growing up in the same place, with exactly the same genetics, environmental impact, viral exposure, etc, even the same quality of dentistry with roughly the same number of amalgam fillings; they have a higher likelihood of both having MS (a 1 in 4 chance according to the MS Trust info but that’s all.


I’m getting two replaced next week. Do you think I shouldn’t sweat it. I need them replaced as they are broken. I can’t afford white fillings. I get free dental as I get tax credits. I don’t have an ms diagnosis - awaiting mri and emg results. Neurological issues since Jan.

See if your dentist will use a ‘dental dam’. It’s a plastic thing that’s put behind the teeth where they’re drilling out the old stuff and filling with the new. It should stop you from swallowing any amalgam. (It would also stop you from gagging which for me is a bonus!)

You could of course ask your dentist to replace with white fillings on the NHS given that there is a potential medical reason for it

Other than that, there’s not much you can do. I certainly don’t think I’d go to the (scary thought anyway) trouble of replacing my huge great amalgam fillings for white. And I don’t believe that having amalgam fillings necessarily made my MS worse, let alone caused it.

So ultimately I don’t think you should worry too much about it (obviously remembering that my opinion is non-scientific and based purely on my thoughts, beliefs, conclusions, but not on absolute medical facts!)




They’ve been saying for years that having mercury fillings is an added cause of MS. But that’s not the whole answer. Otherwise everyone who had their dentist fill up their mouths with amalgam would have MS. And people who’ve got no amalgam wouldn’t
ever have MS. [/quote]

Not only do I not have any amalgam fillings (and never have had),I don’t have any teeth to put them in.This has been the situation for over 30 years, and I was only Dxed 8 years ago (18 months after onset of TIM).

I have seen a suggestion that the removal is more dangerous than leaving them in.
I have seen another one that says you should not eat citrus fruit if you have amalgam fillings.
Some of the US forums are full of scare stories about amalgam.


Question Sewingchick?

Did you have a regular dentist remove your fillings???

If so they did it wrong and you were most likely poisoned even further!

You see, mercury removal is a very delicate process that if not done correctly under the

right conditions can cause even further harm.

Regarding the belief that having the fillings removed are simply an cosmetic improvement.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that mercury amalgam has nothing to do with one’s MS cause, one

still must create the most optimum environment in the body is which to give one a fighting chance against

what some call a manageable not curable as of yet disease.

Well what better way to address the management side than having one of Earth’s most toxic substances

removed from your mouth.

Not only is mercury one of the most toxic substances, but it is a “NEUROTOXIN!”

Let me repeat that for those unable or like the tone deaf professional doctors “UNWILLING” to face scientific



Multiple Sclerosis is a “NEURO-DEGENERATIVE” disorder!

So Neuro Toxin + Neuro Degenerative Disorder (MS) = further NEOURO-DEGENERATION!

And though you may have taken supplements to protect you from the mercury amalgam fillings,

the most important question is…

Did you have the procedure of removal done by a holistic dentist who would have protected you

from the most toxic part of mercury amalgam poisoning?

And that is the loads of mercury that you receive when it isn’t done correctly.

And most importantly, even if you had the mercury removed from your mouth, have you

had the mercury that has built up over the years that is lodged in your organs, your nervous

system in particular (MS is a nerve disorder as you know), detoxed from your body???

If not you are now just a living breathing mercury amalgam.

To quote a line from the old movie “Poltergeist”.

“You removed the headstones from the cemetery but you didn’t remove the bodies!”

I had 6 fillings and so far 5 of them have been removed correctly by a holistic dentist.

And it was not cheap. If you get it done cheap and especially by your run of the mill dentist,

both you and he/she were poisoned much worse than when you had the fillings in.

I have improved my MS symptoms immeasurably. But I still have one left and it is the most

dangerous because a mercury amalgam filling in conjunction with a gold cap as I have increases

the mercury load by way of something labeled as “oral electro-galvanism”.

Long story short, you need to do your own homework.

You have to live with your illness not your so called professional. Dismissing something to myth without

due diligence does a disservice to yourself in particular and those that love you as well.

I hope that I have turned on a least a flashlight.




I’ve got white fillings, always have done. Never had amalgam. Still managed to get MS :frowning: