Dental, silver looking fillings?

Read this little clip, google for more info, Environmental Medicine found that “mercury from dental amalgam may lead to nephrotoxicity, neurobehavioural changes, autoimmunity, oxidative stress, autism, skin and mucosa alterations or non-specific symptoms and complaints”, that “Alzheimer’s disease or multiple sclerosis has also been linked to low-dose mercury exposure”, and that “removal of dental amalgam leads to permanent improvement of various chronic complaints in a relevant number of patients in various trials.”[12]

I’ve heard this too. I’m thinking of getting my fillings replaced, in fact I’m going to, my oldest one is 20 years old

There is another good post - on here - about mercury fillings.

Conincidentally I asked my new (private) dentist about this only yesterday and he confirmed that fillings are harmless once they are in place. Removing them causes more damage as it is impossible to do it without some escaping so they are best left alone. They do not leach anything harmful into the blood stream.

He said they tend to do ii in the region of Harley Street as they can charge a lot for doing the work…

I have seen several different dentists in recent years and they have all said the same.

I only have one mercury filling to be replaced now over the past few yrs my dentist has been replacing them. Every time I have had one removed it has made me very unwell for a few days, my dentist had been informed a good few years that mercury fillings are bad for people with MS and due to me no longer being able to work mine have all been replaced through NHS so I have been very lucky xxxx

Dentists will say that. Just imagine the debacle that would happen if we all sued the NHS for giving us mercury fillings.

Haha, is that because they would get shot if they told the truth. Lol

Mine all replaced at the B/ham Dental Hospital- 16 of them - 4 at a time. They use a rubber dam - which prevents any part or dust from amalgum filling from entering your mouth/throat - and a mask over my nose. The dentist doing it and his assistants also had masks on.

l also did not have to pay. And this dentist - was about to retire - and he was not afraid to speak his mind. lts 29yrs ago now - that l had this done. Straightaway my speech improved - as it was very slurred before. And the white fillings l had put in are still in good order - and l have never had to have another filling since. l was told that nearly all the amalgam filling l had were not necessary. My appointments were very early in the morning - and my name never put in the ‘book’ - so l was sneaked in as he did not want to risk the procedure being stopped. Several students were there to watch and learn. Secretely.

Just before having my fillings replaced - l happened to sit by a couple - both dentists -at a friends wedding. l did explain to them that l was going to have them replaced and that my GP/Dentist were in support of this. This couple gave me their business card - and said if the dentist at the Dental Hospital was prevented from doing it - they would willingly do it at no charge. They had stopped using amalgum some years before - and back then the nhs would not pay for the white filling - so their patients were all private.

We now have neighbours - husband and wife who are dentists. They never work with amalgum. l have talked to them about it. He said ‘they called hat makers - the mad hatters - and thats because they worked with mercury making the hats and it did make them mad’’ - And l mentioned about dentists having the highest rate of suicide/alcoholism - apparently that has changed now that so few still work with mercury. My neighbour said he would stick to the booze.

But yes - you can guarantee the dental/medical profession dare not speak up. The NHS would be bankrupt overnight.