The dentist and the fillings ..........

Hiya folks

An interesting trip to my NHS dentist yesterday. She told she had to replace one of my two remaining silver fillings as it was leaking. What came to my attention is that she would replace it with a white composite filling NOT an amalgam filling ‘due to my MS condition.’

Old news on the fillings, again, but it is the very first time that a dentist has said something like this to me. Makes me wonder if I should remove the final filling or it might be pointless. Hmmmmm.


hi marty

great that you have a clued up dentist.

i had a lovely dentist but although he knew about ms and amalgam fillings, he was reluctant to replace mine because the very drilling into them causes more mercury to leak out.

anyone wanting to have them safely removed needs to go to a specialist dentist.

as a profession they could be worried about massive lawsuits.

as a child in the 1960’s i had loads of amalgam fillings - drill it and fill it philosophy.

then as i got older the tooth grew and the filling fell out, needing another filling.

now i have thin shells around the remaining amalgam fillings.

carole x

l did not think dentists to-day used amalgam anymore. l had all my amalgam fillings removed nearly 30yrs ago - not long after being diagnosed with MS. l had read an article in the Times - about The Toxic Time-bomb in your mouth. And l even bought a book on it. My GP fully supported the article -which was written by a dentist. So l contacted the nearest Dental Hospital - which was Birmingham. l was given an appointment straightaway - and they arranged for me to have 4 fillings removed at a time. They took great care - using a rubber dam - which prevents any of the amalgam from being inhaled. The dentist and the nurse also have masks on. ln total l had 16 fillings removed. Yes, l was brought up at a time when dentists just kept on filling teeth. The composite filling l had done are still there - so have done very well. And l have never needed another filling since - which confirms my thinking that l never needed them in the first place.

The Dentist l saw - said that it would take the NHS 50yrs to acknowledge that the mercury fillings were causing so many health problems.And another 50 to act upon it. And they will never accept responsibility as they risked being sued. Mercury is the second most toxic poison known to man.

My advice is Yes have all mercury fillings removed - safely. Dentists and their staff have to have tests on hair and nails to see if they have absorbed a high level of mercury. They have to follow strict guidelines in disposing of the stuff as well. So does this make you feel safe!! l bet it doesn’t.

Anglers were banned from using lead weights when fishing - this was because of the harm done to swans and other water birds. lt attacks the spinal cord - leaving the poor bird unable to hold its head up and it eventually died.

Mercury was used by hat makers in the 18th century and most of them went mad - ie The Mad Hatter. And for many years dentists had the highest suicide rate - or Alcohol problems.

My disabilities improved after having my fillings removed - but most of the damage done is not reversible. But at least l know they are not still poisoning me.

I was a 70’s child and had ‘drill and fill for money’ loads of fillings when I was a child and teenager. My current dentist (have had for 15 years) said he has not seen any decay and can’t understand why I had all the fillings done years ago. I have been trying to trace who the dentist/s were. As I contacted the British Dental Association about it.

My metal mouth (as I call it) has contributed to me having low confidence in life. Especially as I used to sing and even when laughing. What right had dentists do to give me all those silver fillings it’s criminal.

Aye, they still do those silver fillings. Had the leaking one replaced and went by the dentist advice of a white one.

What does the dentist know? Is this dentist a one off? Playing on caution? I wonder? You just never know.


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Hi Marti,

I had all my silver fillings changed for the white filling. But seeing I already had MS for 7 years before I had it done, I did not feel any different.

But if I ever go into the Dentist in need of a filling I would always ask for the white, there is a link somewhere

Kielyn x.

I had mine removed too nearly 30 years ago. My daughter is currently in training and is working as a dental nurse. I’ll have to remember to ask her if the private dentist she assists uses amalgam. Bit worrying - I’d assumed they don’t use anymore tho the dentists I speak to have all rubbished the idea of mercury poisoning from amalgams


Susi - They have to ‘rubbish’ the idea otherwise they would all be sued for compensation. But whatever makes the British Dental Association think it is alright to put the second most toxic poison known to man in someones mouth. And when they have to remove it - it goes into a ‘hazardous waste’ bin.

ln US - the amalgum fillings were banned back in the early 20thcentury - only to be brought back when the price of gold escalated. Then, gold was the only alternative.

l was fortunate in finding a dentist who was convinced that the fillings caused mercury poisoning. He was the head of a dental hospital - and about to retire - so was not afraid of the outcome. As they were all ‘sworn to secrecy’.

Remember that not all amalgam fillings are/were made with mercury. Half (possibly more) are made with zinc and silver instead.

The other year I needed a lot of dental work with a number of my old fillings replaced. I opted for white ones on the advice of my lovely dentist. Her reasoning was that amalgam fillings put excessive strain on already weak teeth making them more prone to cracking.

My other reason was - I have to admit - sheer vanity. I had no intention of going through the whole process without some visible benefit!

My Dentist knew my diagnosis and seemed very clued up on the whole mercury debate. Her view? “No concrete/reliable verdict either way”

Glad I had them done.

lf you google amalgam fillings you will see that the mix is 50% mercury/35%Silver/12%Copper/3% Tin.

There are also - I hate to say - cost/profit implications.

If you are a NHS patient, they will not cover the price of white fillings. NHS dental care will only cover certain specified treatments and will only pay a specified fee for a course of treatments.

Some dentists - not all but, I am sorry to say, an appreciable number of dentists - will try to push NHS patients into having private treatment because it will make them more money.

Like a lot of people, I am not a NHS dental patient so this question didn’t some up (we moved here a couple of years ago and most/all local practices had closed their books for NHS.) I really liked and trusted my dentist who never seemed to try the hard sell on people. My husband (unfortunately) has had the opposite from another dentist at the same practice who was apparently a loss to the double glazing sales industry!

Hiya Boblatina

I must have finally found a good NHS dentist. Mine did not push for private. She said the practice do a general like for like for anyone. White for white. Silver for silver at NHS price banding.

However, in my ‘MS condition’ she will replace silver with white. Which I have now had done. Just one half of silver filling in my whole mouth now. My teeth are more white now since, ooooh, I was a baby…