Silver (amalgam) fillings


After spending a great deal of time reading up on the possible ms links and this and that, I decide to have my three silver fillings removed and replaced with white ones.

People have controversial views on this, but things are definitely better. I haven’t spilled a near full cup of coffee since the day they were removed, and other little things that I can easily notice are better.

They are little things and the greater picture is still as uncomfortable as before, but I am happy I did this.


HI Mark,

Yes, I had mine removed on the advice of my dentist, on the basis of “well its not going to make it worse!” And while I don’t know if its made any difference I am glad I did it.



l had 16 amalgum fillings removed, at the dental hospital, 27yrs ago. Prior to having them removed l had very slurred speech - and one side of my face

looked as if l had had a stroke. All this improved afterwards. l had this done after reading in the Observer - The Toxic Time Bomb in your Mouth. l have never had another filling since. The white fillings have lasted very well. lt was so good not to have the metallic taste and over sensitive teeth that l had before. They were taken out - 4 at a time- using a rubber dam - so there was no chance of inhaling the mercury ‘dust’.

Look up ways of getting rid of the mercury that you have absorbed. lt is called ‘chelating’ - l know you need to take lots of vitamin c. l was told that the damage done - is not reversible.



are all silver fillings the mercury ones please?

as my dentist said the ones that he put in for me on the nhs are something different so refused to change them.


Anna x

Hi Anna

That’s a tricky one! I thought all silver fillings had mercury content and I heard that the really toxic ones came from the 1970s which is exactly when I had mine put in. There is plenty of information available on the internet and my own dentist mentioned nothing to me other than he would have silver fillings removed if he had them. It was a costly trip to my dentist - in fact two visits, and he had all the up to the minute dams and this and that, electrickery, bells and whistles. It is a private practice in Camberley.

I was warned that not all dentists do this procedure with the correct bits and bobs to stop patients inhaling the very debris that is being removed, so ending up in a worse state.

Today I have just walked from my kitchen with a coffee full to the brim and haven’t spilled a drop. Other little things like being able to get dressed without balancing myself with a free hand, being able to step into the shower unaided, walking down a dodgy staircase whilst carrying a case - all these things (and more) made it worthwhile for me. The best bit for me - I can stand for longer periods. I had just reached the stage where I had to sit more and more.

Any more I can tell you if you want to message me.


Hi, I asked my dentist about this subject and he said he didn`t believe my fillings were a possible cause of MS.

He said some of his colleagues were acting unethically and removing fillings which didn`t need to be replaced…and earning a fast buck or two!

I accept the fact that those of you who feel they have benefitted from the removal of old fillings, but I trust my dentist and won`t be having mine removed.

luv Pollx

I was advised that removing fillings that were in a sound condition, could cause more of a risk than leaving them in place. That assuming there was a risk in the first place.

Which both my consultant and dentist, did not consider there was.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

Dear Poll

It’s fantastic that you trust your dentist.

I trust mine too after much research and expensive treatments. It was not in vain.

I think you are right to be cautious as this is not the end of the story by any means. It is something in the mix though, and if you can find references to what mercury does to your system you might be first in the queue for this procedure.



l am thrilled that you have had such good results - so soon after having your mercury fillings removed. [Yes silver fillings are mercury]

lt was my GP - and the dentist at the B/ham Dental Hospital who prompted me to have it done. And like you it was done with a rubber dam for safety.

Dentists dare not say they believe the mercury [second most toxic poison known to man] is causing serious health problems. Can you imagine all the court cases. The NHS would be bankrupt.

l hope your ‘symptoms’ keep on improving.

Have a lovely Christmas.


Dear Frances

My fillings were replaced in October, not very very recently. I wanted to give it a little while to see how things might have improved or not.

Curiously, I have never heard of a dentist who had silver fillings. At least two of my aquaintances are dentists and I have met many.


I am curios in how many with MS have these fillings, because i do,

i have 3, i had more but had to have the teeth extracted,so now i just have the 3, fillings left,i have always wonderd about the mercuary poisening, i also played with liquid mercury in the scool lab when i was 12 we used to roll it about into little silver balls in our hands, so that scares me too, to think i did that.

are there any people with MS who DO NOT have mercuary fillings.

jaki xx

Amalgum fillings were banned in the States back in the 30’s - then re-introduced because of the cost of gold - which then was the only alternative. l too have friends/and a neighbour who are dentists. They do not have amalgum fillings - but they do have regular tests done to make sure they have not absorbed the toxin they work with. There is a high percentage of suicide amongst dentists and alcohol dependency. [My neighbour said he is trying the alcohol first] Hat makers in the

19th century often went mad because of the mercury they worked with - This is where ‘Mad Hatters’ came from.


Hi All.

Thank god one less thing for me to worry about.

All my teeth are false.

But it makes you think about it if you have the fillings.

Take Care.