Reasons to be cheerful?

1/ University Challenge is back on telly

2/ They say it might be dry on Friday

3/ Glad to be back on Amitriptyline. Why did I ever come off it?

4/ A neighbour gave me a stick of rock from the Isle of Wight

Reasons to be cheerful?

Pat x

  1. Have a roof over my head and my freezer/cupboard are full

  2. Started my steroids today to see if they’ll help

  3. Have 2 lovely boys who have just cooked me some pasta

  4. Apparently, it might be dry on Friday - thanks Pat

Mags xx

  1. I’m sitting here smiling

  2. It’s NOT raining at the moment!

  3. I’m looking forward… nothing really but looking forward…

  4. Amitriptyline, is good for what ails us

Last thing, we have each other, take care M Oh! we are cooooooooooooool

1/ I got a response from Auntiemogs

2/ I got a response from hellMS

3/ Yes we have each other and we are so cooooooooooooooooooool

Pat x

  1. The sun is shining - thanks Pat!

  2. I’m nomming my fave crispies

  3. You lot are great and really cheer me up

  4. More nomming!

Mags xxx

Hi All,

Just got back from Somerset, lovely change of scenery, shame about the weather, but hey,

we are English and can cope. That’s one reason to be cheerful, now let me think.

  1. It’s not raining here today.

  2. Got a lovely family, friends, my little dog, and my sense of humour.

  3. Still alive!

Take care everyone, hope today is good for you.


1/ Nice reply from Pam who was in Somerset!

2/ Went bingo and won £3.50

3/ It’s not raining

4/ Still alive!

Pat x

Morning campers…

  1. Here I am…

  2. It’s ‘tipping it down’

  3. Pat, won at the Bingo AGAIN!

  4. Thinking about doing some house work? Just a thought and it’s passed

Have a good day folks, take care

Morning all…

1/ M almost did some housework but luckily the madness passed

2/ Raining cats and dogs in London (and dog picture)

3/ I got one-sided hug very badly but seems to be easing a bit now… ouch!

4/ We have lunch club here today… fish and chips…

Have a good day gang,

Pat x

Hi All,

Should have kept me mouth shut about not raining…chucking it down here

That’ll teach me!

Sometimes I get that feeling like M about doing some housework…but it passes.

Hope everyone has a good day.

“I woke up this morning”

I like it.


Morning all 1) It’s sunny here 2) I didn’t have to get up at 6:30 as the boys are on summer holidays! 3) My husband is home with me today Have a great day! Teresa xx

Morning gang,

1/ The sun is shining

2/ I slept well last night (the Amitriptyline has given me insomnia for last couple of weeks)

3/ I woke up this morning (thanks Mark!)

4/ Teresa’s boys are on summer holidays!

Have a good one everyone,

Pat x

Hi - I’m a bit of a spy in here as I don’t have PPMS but this post itself has made me very cheerful! What a lovely bunch you are

Lovely post from friendly spy debc… another reason to be cheerful,

Pat xx

Hi Pat Glad to know that I am not the only one. Amytriptiline gave me the most terrible insomnia when it is supposed to help you sleep! Had to take Gabapentin instead! Am hoping the summer holidays will ensure my 7-year-old wakes up later. Atm it is still 6:30 ish. Yuk! Another reason to be cheerful - yet another sunny day! Teresa xx

Hi all,

I am another spy and don’t belong here!!

Teresa - my 8yr old son is still getting up early even though they have broken up from school but how can i be grumpy when he woke me this morning with a big hug and a kiss.

A really good reason to be cheerful - unconditional love!

I let him down so many times and feel really guilty about it but he doesn’t seem to mind as we have ‘our special bond’

My teenage daughter however has still not got out of bed yet! LOL!

Teresa. x

What a lovely way to be woken up Teresa. You can’t really complain about the time, can you? My other 3 would sleep for England if allowed! Teresa xx

And mine is still sleeping…! Still, 'tis quiet - another reason to be cheerful!

Went with friend in her car to lovely old house in Highgate with huge gardens and lovely restaurant.

Was very good and had the home-made fish cakes and salad… and then not so good with apple crumble and ice cream…

Sat on a bench in the shade and just watched all the people stroll by with lovely dogs and kids.

Very good reason to be cheerful…

HOT in London!

Hoping everyone had a good Sunday,

Pat x