Beside the seaside... beside the sea...

Hi gang, off to Clacton in the morning. Only for one night… and forecast is more rain… but hey it’s the seaside!!!

Starting Amitriptyline again tonight (was on it about 6 years ago and everything else has failed so going back on it) and started a Lansoprazole to try and get the acid reflux under control!

So I go to the seaside drugged up to the eyeballs…

OMG just heard on the news there’s a gunman on the loose in Clacton. Hmmmm…

I’m back Thursday. Take care and don’t do anything I wouldn’t .

Pat x

Dear Pat, I hope you have a lovely time M

Hi Pat

I hope you have a lovely time…oh, I do love the seaside, just a kid at heart I am.

Regarding starting amytriptyline, hope this helps, but I find baclofen helps with

spasms also. Doesn’t make it go away, but more bearable.

Dont forget your bucket and spade!


Welcome home Pat, I hope you had a good timeMissed you, take care, M

Hello gang, Had a wonderful time! Was so good to be somewhere different. Spent much time sitting on balconey watching the sea and sky. Yesterday we drove round a few of little coastal towns and had a picnic lunch on the front at Frinton.

I didn’t have a scooter so couldn’t venture very far but did manage to walk a bit with walker… legs were behaving… and was just a lovely break.

Could have done with a few more days of that… but never mind, nice to be home…

I’m also very happy to be back on Amitriptyline. Can feel the effects already. Muscles aren’t twitching so much, a lot less pain, no hug as yet and feel a lot calmer. hmmmm very calm,

Hope everyone’s doing ok,

Thanks for the welcome home M

Pam I didn’t actually manage to get onto a beach so didn’t need bucket and spade… but watched others using them!

Pat x

Hey Steve!!! How are you mate? It has been a long time… good to see you back!

Don’t go leaving us again!!!

Love to you and big welcome back,


Hi folks

Good to have us back together againNot much to say - which be a relief! Take care, hope you have a good weekendM

Sorry about the shortened message, so short I missed a word… It should read 'Not much to say - which may be a relief.I should have had my coffee first, take care M

hahahaha M I didn’t even miss the missing word!

Got the cleaner here, Sainsbury’s just delivered, went to coffee morning… Jeeez I think a need a

Why does having a cleaner in wear me out… it’s not me doing the work…

Have a good weekend one and all,

Pat x