Party Party...

Well it’s all excitement here. I’m hosting a party tomorrow afternoon for my 60th birthday… which is actually on Friday (LOL giving you fair warning!!!).

I’ve got 30 people, mostly residents here and staff coming for party in our communal lounge at 3pm… caterers coming with cold buffet… and an entertainer… a chap with a guitar and an ‘orchestra in a box’ to sing for 2 hours.

I’ve been planning this for months so now it’s here I’m like a cat on a hot tin roof… and of course my boring old MS doesn’t like it… really my MonSter prefers sitting in his dressing gown and slippers, smoking his pipe… boring old thing!

Trying to REST! but keep thinking of another little thing I need to do.

I’ve requested no presents. MS Society have sent me collection boxes and I’ve asked for donations… MS Society and me are both 60 this year!!!

Tell you all about it Thursday… if I survive!

On Friday, actual birthday, I’m going out for a quiet lunch with my oldest friend, and on Sunday I’m going to my mum’s for big family party…

Love to all,

Pat x

Oh Pat…Happy Birthday for Friday my darlin!

So, you`ve almost joined my gang for the 60+ Golden Girls.

Once you hit 60, state pension or not, you are entitled to dye your hair like I have…red with a black sweep across the front, wear purple for every occasion, buy a zebra bed poncho from primark, like mine, stay in bed all day when you feel like it and tell any firemen who come to rescue you, that you have no nix on…like I did. Its highly probable that theyll just think your a sad old bint who`s gone a bit gaga!

Stick with me girl and you`ll have fun getting into all sorts of trouble!

luv Pollxx

Happy Birthday for Friday Pat - hope you have a lovely party tomorrow and that you haven’t overdone it in getting ready for it. Hope you have plenty of energy for tomorrow - so do nothing but rest now. Have you bought some posh new glad rags to wear? I shall be thinking of you and hoping you’re having a fantastic time! Have fun! Teresa xx

Extended felicitations Pat. My invite must have got lost in the post. I won’t fall out with you over it though. Wrap up warm and don’t be catching a chill.

Happy birthday for Friday Pat, and have a fantastic day


Pam x

Happy Birthday on Friday Pat. Enjoy your day and do not over do it!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Pat happy birthday to you.

If I knew how to put a few smilies face and a cake, I would.


Have a really great party Pat xx

Thank you my darlings. It’s all go today! Yikes!

Pat xxx

Dear Pat, 60and much loveM

If the party is anything like the raucous affairs at Matilda House, you won’t be going far wrong. The Emperor Caligula himself would have been embarrassed at one of those.

Happy Birthday for Friday.

OMG don’t remind me… got a feeling this won’t be quite on the same scale!

Funny enough the friend I’m going for lunch with on Friday also lived at Matilda House… she’ll laugh when I tell her this.

Thanks love,

Pat x

All the best wishes for your birthday on Friday and have a lovely party today, just try not to overdo it. xx

The mind boggles!


Hi Pat, It sounds absolutely lush. I hope you’re all having a lovely time. Happy 60th Birthday for Friday in case I’m not around. Much love Oonagh xxxx

Hope the party went well and that you had a wonderful time Pat. I’m guessing that you’re having to have a really quiet day today to recover! Teresa xx

Oops, I’m running late! Hope the party was FABULOUS and you’re still in one piece today :wink:

Hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow

Sonia xx

Thank you gang for lovely replies!

The party was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!

The singer/entertainer was fantastic. Food was brilliant. Cake was delicious. Loads of people came… more than 30 I think and nearly everyone stayed for over 2 hours (a success in itself as most people here are very old and with health problems).

So far I’ve raised £167.70 for MS Society… but have been told not to add up total until tomorrow!!!

I’m exhausted… so a big REST day for me… but hell it was SO worth it!

Love to all,

Pat x

Hi Pat,

Hurray, its really was lush So glad it all went really well Pat and you’ve raised a tidy sum so you have.

Rest up well.



Well done with raising all that money Pat. Sounds like a brilliant do! Teresa xx

Glad you had a fab party and a very happy 60th for Friday!! Well done for raising that money too! Sounds like a good time was had by all. Rest now… Linda x