Party party tonight...

I live in sheltered housing and tonight we’re getting together in the communal lounge to watch the concert. Oooooooh a night out! Looking forward to it… sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls and booze (shame I can’t drink anymore… too dizzy).

I’m going down with my 98 year old neighbour Huguette… so just worked out she was born when the queen’s grandfather George V was on the throne! (though actually she’s French and was born in Egypt).

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend and the gorilla is behaving himself (when does HellMS get back???).

Love to you all,

Pat xx

I hope you enjoy a fantastic party tonight (honest), but must warn you that I am seriously considering reporting this hugely wealthy woman to Ian Duncan Smith, as she has been fraudulently getting benefits for over sixty years. The most shocking thing is that her whole family are at it.

Outraged of Bow.

Hi Pat

Hope you enjoyed your “get together”. We had our little street party the day before when it was torrential rain, but we are British, and we all gathered under the gazebo, must have looked like sardines"!

Take care


I do agree with you Whammel. I enjoyed the concert but the whole jubilee for me has been tainted by the fact that the royal family have such huge levels of wealth and privilege while so many people in this country are struggling to get by… and of course it has taken the focus off the fact that we have a right-wing corrupt government who are actively destroying the foundations of our welfare state.

And while it was nice to have a party at my sheltered scheme we are struggling here with closure of day centres, reduction of care services and uncertainty around benefits.

Outraged of Wood Green.

Thanks Pam. We had a nice party and enjoyed the concert… but blimey I’m tired today!

Shame it rained for your street party… but as you say, very British!

Hope you have a nice day today. I’m not moving off my recliner (and luckily have a doggy-bag from last night!)

Pat x

Hi Pat, glad you enjoyed the party. What`s in the doggy bag?

I am enjoying my Slimming World diet. There is so much what is called free food.

Still haven`t been a ble to get weighed. Gonna try on Saturday when my 2 carers are here, on my own scales.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, well the doggy bag was only some sandwiches and sausage rolls… but it made for an easy lunch yesterday.

The scales problem is a bug*er isn’t it. It’s something that wouldn’t occur to you until in the situation!

Hope you’re doing ok. I’m still tired from party. My 98 year old neighbour was already feeling ok yesterday and here I am still in bed! Even missed bingo last night. Oh well…

Hope you manage on the scales on Saturday. I do find the weight problem so difficult. I can’t see how when I do so little I can still be so hungry. I think something primitive inside me thinks that food will give me energy, which it does to a degree… but I certainly don’t need the amount that I eat! I really admire you for going to Slimming World and trying to get some control. I’ll take a look at their website.

Take care hon,

Pat x

I missed the concert and only got v. little converage BUT felt v. British and proud… Take care and be warned I’am back, I will have more time once I catch up with boring things they are even toooooooooooooooooo boring to mention, take care M