Labour disabled manifesto

I don’t want to get into a political rant (God knows there’s enough of it on the telly) but I found this to be very good so thought I would share.

Please nobody have a go at me… vote for who you want… but it’s just a refreshing change to see one of the main parties saying something about disabled people (apart from making out we’re all benefit scroungers of course):

And yes I know Labour started all of the benefit changes… but as I said, this is a good & I think positive change.

Pat xx


It’s nice that somebody realises that there’s a lot wrong with the way some of us have been treated. Thanks Pat.

Cath x


Thank you for the link Pat

It makes good positive reading for disabled people.

I have always voted Labour and will again on May 7th. Conservatives do not care about the disabled or working class people.

Noreen x


Thank you for that Pat!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they stuck to their promises? Can anyone remember any party actually fulfilling their manifesto?

The present bunch certainly didn’t !

Beautiful day in Herefordshire! Hope everyone is as well as possible?

Nina x


Too late to influence my vote because I posted it yesterday, although I somehow think it wouldn’t have made any difference.

It’s true that Labour introduced tighter rules for claiming benefits, but existing claimants were to be left alone and I strongly doubt they would have been implemented with the ideological savagery of this Government.

Vote with your conscience and you won’t go far wrong.


So true Whammel.

I’ve also sent in my postal vote. Labour.

I’ve always voted Labour except in the one election after the Iraq war… that time I voted LibDem and unfortunately we’ve been stuck with a LibDem MP ever since! Hope we get her out at this election!

I’ve often sent her letters through those internet links ‘send a letter to your MP’ about disability benefits. She responds with letters that completely back up what the Tories have done with benefits.

Will be very glad to see the back of her! Fingers crossed!

Pat xx


Thanks Pat, it sounds very good, hope they keep to it. I just wish that these members of parliament when asked a question, would answer yes or no for once.

I am really worried what will happen to people like us if the conservatives get back in.

Lovely weather here again.

Pam x


Well, it’s good not to have to read something dominated by the concept of “CUTS”. The current government have really gone for the disabled and vulnerable-especially those with mental health problems. As a consequence there has been a vitriolic vapour trail following behind in the form of tabloid mania and trashy TV. It’s both transparent and shallow.

I’ll be voting Labour as usual but living Wealden District, there is little chance of overthrowing the long standing tory majority.

Thanks for the post Pat.

Steve x


We have a Lib Dem MP where I live and he’s fantastic, has done so much for our area and even wrote back after he brought one of our disability and benefit concerns we petitioned up in parliament. I got a letter from the House of Commons about it. Unfortunately I’m a bit disillusioned with the way our government is currently and can’t see how it will improve or change as I can’t see one party winning outright. My thoughts are very jumbled as no party really sticks out to rule the country but I suppose I have to put my x in one box. Very disturbing!!

Hope you all have a good day, weather here in the Lakes is gorgeous. I’m waiting in for the plumber as my kitchen tap has worked itself loose and I’m hoping to get it seen to before I have a flood.

Cath x

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Just going to look now Thanks Pat

Cath thats a ditto from me

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