Voting for cuts.

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Slightly away from the subject of MS but most relevant to everyone who suffers from this beast, various platforms have released the names of those MPs who voted for cuts to disability benefits. This will not have any affect on me personally but I think it’s necessary to express our disapproval to those politicians in question.

Above is what I sent to Wealden MP Nusrat Ghani. I think her vote is an example of blindly following the party line for no other reason than blind ambition. I may be wrong but I feel quite strongly about this.

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they are self-serving w**kers.

just hope that they don’t get in again.

or that karma gets them!

carole x


Let’s be clear, it was Tory MP’s that voted for this cut and other parties are blameless. Nobody with a conscience votes Conservative.


I want to commend Andover MS Society for telling their patron Kit Malthouse to resign his role with them - he’s a Conservative MP who voted for the ESA cuts. Yep - his position is totally untenable!!


I too was extremely disappointed to read this about Kit Malthouse.

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I am disgusted to hear of these cuts, more so that they have any Labour support. another example of the disabled being deemed as lazy scroungers, ironically by those who should know how offensive the term is. MPs who accuse legitimate MS sufferers of being lazy scroungers have no place in opposition and should go for re-election as Tories.

Where on earth are people on here getting information to make them say any Labour MPs at all voted for the cuts!!! The figures I have say 204 Labour MPs voted against, 26 abstained and NONE at all voted for the cuts!!! I can only think that someone above has been reading some Tory rag and believing it…as so many people do…


See my post below.

How the MP’s voted on ESA cuts.

Please note abstentions do not necessarily mean the MP chose not to vote. They could have had an illness or a prior commitment, arranging for a member on the other side of the House to also abstain.

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When Cloe Smith was voted for in Norwich she said I will look after people who are needy,then votes for the cut.

Thank you whammel, It seems that my conservative MP voted for ESA cuts too, when he too made similar remarks to jak10’s MP.

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Petition Reverse the ESA disability benefit cut

"The House of Lords has been unable to stop a planned £30-a-week cut to disability benefits forced through by Government MPs. This will cripple those in receipt of these benefits, leaving many in literal poverty.

The government must reverse this decision. Lives are at risk."


We knew this was coming if the tories got back in which is why I voted Labour. They have done their usual trick of stealing from the needy to give to the rich.


I’ve also signed the petition

hello jk1

i see your point, but is no real reason, death aside, as to why anyone representing their constituents can’t vote. i believe this is one where a serving mp should listen to those they represent if they don’t have an opinion of their own. any labour mp who abstains seems to be taking the cowardly way out and doesn’t deserve the honour of serving their constituents, and in my opinion is complicit to voting for the cuts by their abstention.

on a not entirely unrelated point, when we can’t attend our atos meetings, are we given any dispensation?

cheers, fluffyollie