Voting for cuts

Hello, everyone.

Slightly away from the subject of MS but most relevant to everyone who suffers from this beast, various platforms have released the names of those MPs who voted for cuts to disability benefits. This will not have any affect on me personally but I think it’s necessary to express our disapproval to those politicians in question.

Voting for cuts. – mcchrystaleyes

Above is what I sent to Wealden MP Nusrat Ghani. I think her vote is an example of blindly following the party line for no other reason than blind ambition. I may be wrong but I feel quite strongly about this. I’ve also posted this on Everyday Living.

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Aaaarrrggghhh, I just wrote a response to your fab idea Steve…and promptly clicked on “Next” instead of Post. So all was lost.

A great idea Steve, and I too will write to my MP. Who knows, the more of us who do something might just mean that someone, somewhere will get what we’re trying to say.

Chrissie x


Asking a Tory MP to show compassion is utterly pointless, because greed and self interest is the only thing they understand. Sadly, the (English) public simply don’t care enough about the less fortunate and look likely to keep them in power for a generation.

I fear there is worse to come.

Hi Steve

My local MP also voted for the cuts, so he will be getting an email from me. Not sure if it will cut any ice with our bloke, because he is on a totally different planet to me, but I have to try.

They did have a u turn on the tax credits for families, so who knows.

He had better NOT knock on my door for a vote!!

Pam x


Mine voted as well.

My Tory MP is a former GP who, as far as I know, has voted for every welfare cut to date.

I fear there is more to come.


same here mine too voted for the cuts

Can someone tell me how to find out how my MP voted please - Tory, so I think I can guess! Not that she answers any of my emails anyway!!!

Thanks x

Hi magicmoon, we can read our MPs voting records here…



Hello, me again. Have just found it on Everyday living - guess what … Yep, she voted FOR What a surprise!!!

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Thanks Ben. I was going to email my MP and tell her not to bother knocking on my door when she wants my vote. But instead I’m writing a list of all the causes I have asked her if she will vote for ( including the charities that are supposedly her ‘passion’ which she can’t be arrsed to answer, and will take great delight in reading them out to her at voting time.

Quite looking forward to it now!!

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I like your idea. The website I linked to above gives the voting record of each MP on just about everything, it even records if they were absent and didn’t vote. This is all useful ammunition to throw at the vote seeking MP on the doorstep, but some of them are pretty thick skinned, so you may need a long list.

What a pity there isn’t a General Election for another four years!


My MP Alec Salmond SNP voted against the cuts as expected.

Mags xx

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Mine …Bill Wiggin, voted for cuts! I’d write to him and tell him exactly what I think but after receiving standard replies every time I’ve written to him before, I know I’m wasting my time and energy!

Nina x

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