MS & Lib Dem conference: MP response

Hi all, I sent email to Lynne Featherstone, my MP (Hornsey & Wood Green, London) about the MS stand at Lib Dem conference, and received this reply this morning: Thank you very much for your recent correspondence regarding multiple sclerosis, and the MS Society’s stand at the Lib Dem Part Conference. I will certainly to my best to pop along to the MSS stand at our party conference. The MSS does excellent work, and as such deserves praise from all quarters. I know that MS makes daily life extremely difficult for a huge number of people, so it’s great that the MSS is fighting their corner. Etc etc… Wish she would ‘fight our corner’ in terms of changes to DLA, IB and ESA… Pat x

Pat, they all seem to tow the party line because they know their bread and butter is at stake should they dissent. I agree with you wholeheartedly but at least you got a response. We can but live in hope things improve for us all. Luv bren x