Some things make me so angry.

This government must go

Just watching a young girl on the news. With obvious disabilities-uses a wheelchair. They have taken her mobility car off her. She didn’t even have a face to face assessment. The poor young woman was in tears-makes my blood boil.

Thankfully she is pushing forward to appeal. I hope the publicity helps her case.


Hi Blossom

Our local Tory MP attended the local MS Society AGM yesterday and said “you also need to contact your MP if this happens”, he has helped disabled people in our borough and he voted against the bedroom tax. Anyway, someone raised the subject of how complicated the forms are, and how you need to use ‘key words’. I have it from good authority that the organisation ‘Benefits and Work’ can help.

I hope the publicity helps but doubt if it will.


yes blossom

this government must go indeed!

even my dad - labour to the core has started saying that he may vote UKIP!

i can’t have that. it will rock my lifeboat!

get shut of the tories but elect some party who will do good for the disadvantaged.

i’m a red, even dye my hair red and support man utd (ouch!).

my local mp has written to me every time i join a petition and i actually believe that she agrees with what we are saying.

i hope cameron and cronies have the runs leading up to this election.

carole x

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i have just seen it too,Its disgusting that poor young girl,something needs doing about this goverment it really does.

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I am an old leftie so bound to agree, but I really do wonder when it was that we as a society stopped being outraged by these vicious policies. You would think that the high suicide rates would start ringing alarm bells, but the political wing of hedge fund managers just don’t care.

The biggest myth of all is that political parties are all the same and we have a real choice at the next election.


I have always voted Labour and will continue to do so, however I am not inspired by Miliband and I’m afraid he fails to inspire others like me who are not politically savvy? Some will choose to place their vote elsewhere and it worries me, what will our government consist of after the election. I’m only 55 but I feel as if the leaders of our political parties are children practicing at being grown up.

Jan x

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well said Janhhh

i will still be voting labour.

suppose we just have to have faith.

if the tories get in again i will be so let down by my fellow countrymen.

i do like most people and care about them but anyone who doesn’t use their vote wisely - grrrrr!

carole x


totally agree blossom- this lot make my blood boil… let them walk a mile (as if) in our shoes THEN support a system which fails to help people like this poor girl. that decision would make beveridge turn in his grave. what real choice is there for an alternative?

  • the tories just want to support businesses and the rich and bugger everyone else
  • the liberals (who i also voted for last time) are chinless puppets to the tories, and lied to get into the coalition
  • ukip are ignorant bigots who would make enoch powell proud
  • labour dragged us into an illegal war and are gradually morphing into tories
  • greens (who i was going to vote for) don’t appear to know their own policies

i truly haven’t a clue. i was a strong labour voter but the war and blairs nauseating toadying to bush was the final straw for me. at 41 surely i shouldn’t be this jaded?

a cup of tea and a valium now i think…

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Just put your cross in the Labour box because it is the only way we will get the Tories out.



Labour all the way.

Shazzie xx


I had a feeling you would be Shazzie

We’ve got to do it for the NHS and the rest of course

Now is not the time to think about the past and worry about personalities of the leaders. Look at the bigger picture and don’t waste your vote.


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you’re both right… they appear to be the best of a bad bunch, but certainly not a good choice. to me its like being sentenced to death and opting for lethal injection over hanging (only in my opinion- not trying to recruit people to the anti-politicians party).

hope everyone is happy and well, and staying positive xx

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We have a great Labour MP in my area (so I’ve recently been told), so although the Tory MP has helped disabled people and voted against Bedroom tax, I will be voting Labour too.

I can’t help remembering that it was Labour who took us into 2 wars. I hope Mr Milliband will be true to his his father’s legacy but agree that we can’t let the Tories have another term, as they are implementing all of the things they’ve been dying to implement before the recession, the recession has helped them in this respect I feel.


i’m really concerned that ukip’s inroads will be giving other party’s ideas about the kinds of policies they should be implementing. who are these loons who’re voting for these bigoted fools? i wish we had a good, strong central party, unfortunately we can see more clearly than ever that we categorically don’t. i live in a firmly labour town, so it just feels like i’ll be following the majority here, this time.



I don’t know who to vote for. Maybe I am wrong but was it Labour who brought in Transforming Your Care and the Tories who ran with it. Hate being a pessimist but I think they are all as bad as each other. I don’t usually stand and ask any questions when they come knocking on my door pre election but this year I will take them in, give them tea and have a barrage of questions to ask them. It won’t make much difference to the outcome but it will make me feel better.


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I think most are money grabbing gits who only look out for themselves. If a politician told me the sun would come up tomorrow I’d go to the shop for extra candles!!!

And as for these ‘career politicians’ - they should not be allowed. Every politician should have worked for at least 10 years out in the real world. Some of them have no idea of what life outside of their safe little westminster bubble is like for ordinary people.

I think I should take over anyway. JBK for world tyrant - couldn’t do any worse.

JBK xx

I would vote for yah JBK


if you take them into your house for tea, i hope you make the worste cuppa possible. if they want no sugar, give em 5 etc. they won’t dare leave it fear of losing your vote. years ago i had a tory candidate in my old town cowering behind his tiny p.a. i gave him hell, you’d think that a tory candidate in north-east england would be used to it. those were the days! who wants to be an when they can be a .


you got my vote jbk!

if only it was so simple.

started talking like wolfie smith (remember him?)

come the revolution!

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power to the people!