Labour Manifesto - PIP Scrapped

According to the leaked Labour Party Manifesto it’s bye bye bedroom tax, work capability and PIP assessments. You can find the details on page 19 of the leak in the Guardian.


Sounds interesting, if they did get in I wonder what weasel words we would get if they could not fund these plans. I have been around the block sufficiently to treat all “campaign rhetoric” from any politician with a good dose of salt.

Call me a “cynical old hector” but I continue to wait to be pleasantly surprised by any of them.



In that case, vote Labour.



Whammel, thanks for posting that link. I had to read it with a magnifying glass, but I’m glad I took the trouble.

It’s worth reading the welfare section in full from page 18, it’s all so positive.

But one line sums it up nicely… “We will change the culture of the social security system, from one that demonises people to one that is supportive and enabling.”

If elected, I hope they can deliver.

If the Conservatives are re-elected, what will they do… I shudder to think… Five more years of Tor(y)ment.



I was going to vote Labour anyway but this has put the cherry on the top (as the saying goes).

Something definitely needs to be done to help the poor and disabled but here comes the negative bit, Labour have very little chance of winning, Sorry, yes I am sorry that we’re getting 5 more years of the Tories.

You can open the report up to full screen and that makes it easier to read. I agree it sounds all very positive and guess we will have to wait to see how the policy holds up to scrutiny.

The Daily Mail hate it, so that must be a good thing.


Arghhh! I didn’t spot the toolbar.

We shall see.

Image result for crystal ball gif


And that, folks, is what optic neuritis looks like.

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Love your images Scudger, wish I could see my outcome of the dreaded assessment tomorrow, sadly, even if Labour have a ‘miracle’ win & implement change, it will be too late for many of us Tracey x

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I’ve already decided to Vote Labour!

Call me a dreamer: Somewhere Over the Rainbow​ Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole - YouTube

But no one ever sticks to their manifesto. So regardless of whether Labour stand a hope in hell of getting in, there’s pretty much no likelihood of any expensive changes happening to the benefits system. When you consider what has been spent on changes already, I can’t imagine that all these promises would be kept.

But then pigs may learn to fly at some point over the next month, so all predictions of a massive Tory landslide could be wrong!!



I have come to distrust all these political pundits and their crystal balls - brexit? Wasn’t going to happen. Donald Trump beig elected? Same. Rise of UKIP/fall of UKIP - need I continue?

But in order to have any hope of influencing the outcome of any election - VOTE!!!

Our predecessors battled long and hard to win this privilege for us all - don’t let it lapse!

Jo x


They could promise the moon on a stick.

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I know where I’d like to put the moon on a stick, I await your illustration Scudger​ x

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Excellent, as expected!!!

Chances of Labour getting in are slim and chances of politicians sticking to their promises is another thing

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…even slimmer


oh I love your replies Scudger and AD.


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