Does anyone know if an indefinite award for DLA means that I won’t have to go through a PIP assessment next year?

We will all have to go through a reassessment at some point, but the people on indefinate awards may not have to until 2015

Between 2015 & 2018’ but then any of us could be re-assed under the RPP Right payment programme . So we’re not safe at all from those horrid. People. Lynn x

Interestingly, this will be after the Election and Labour (if they win) might have a more humane approach. We shall see.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Labour will blame the current government and then say they have to continue with it. The condems are still blaming Labour after 3 years. And don’t forget all the spadework for ESA was done by Labour and delivered by IDSpineless.

I don’t doubt it’s possible, but the last Labour Government were going to leave existing claimants alone, which is the straw I am clutching to. Getting rid of Atos and abolishing the bedroom tax are firm pledges, so hope their greater social conscience continues in this spirit.

Being an optimist isn’t easy you know.

IBS landed himself in front of a Parliamentary Working Party for his (lack of) efforts, and we have a UN Official investigating DWP on human rights violations.

The bedroom tax at least will be going if Labour win. They almost had it overturned a couple of weeks ago.

Yeah they came close but the Lib Dems, who voted to get rid of it at their conference would not back the Labour motion. I wrote to my MP who is a Lib Dem to ask why. Got a lot of guff back about the legacy Labour left along with deficit reduction claptrap. When I asked him why the £400 million lost as a result of reducing the higher rate of tax to 45% was acceptable but the £400 million saved as a result of the bedroom was necessary for deficit reduction I never heard from him again. Funny that. Gary P.S. I am also a optimist 99% of the time but on this one I think the whole rotten bunch of sh*ts will play politics and throw us to the dogs. I can only think that is why the latest idea from IDS to abolish the WRAG and put those who receive it on JSA has raised not a murmur from Labour.