Good time?

In light of ATOS getting the very well deserved kick up the butt they truly deserved and no longer responsible for asessing claims, would now be a good time to report a change of condition and move from DLA to PIP?

Hi, what’s this I’m reading, are they not assessing for ESA anymore either, I sent my forms off for my re assessment on the 12th September and I still haven’t heard anything, is this right, I can’t remember how long it took the first time and if their not doing it, who is. Thanks Jean x x

According to the benefits and work website Atos have now stop medicals for all claims.

Good grief, who are the poor Old Etonian Party going to torture now? First fox hunting and now the disadvantaged doesn’t leave them much room for their idea of fun. Perhaps something even more savage is being lined up.

I understand Labour had pledged to abolish them anyway (and the bedroom tax), so only a matter of time.

On this subject, I was thinking only today Whammel will Labour reverse the 25 metre rule for PIP assessments? - As a life long Labour voter (1979 onwards) I would be very disappointed if they dont. 2015 is going to be a very important year, if I lose my DLA I am truly stuffed (or something similar!). I can walk a bit but and can feed myself, but I cant work and receive no other benefits so it is a life line.for me a my pension doesnt cover my outgoings.Thanks for the update addick, glad to see the back of ATOS. I hope you are all keeping warm and well, Peter.

While Labour introduced Atos, it was only to assess new applicants and existing claims were to be left untouched. Not heard anything to suggest a change of current policy though and expect we will get the usual comments about seeing how much cash is available first. If they do win the election, I expect backbench MP’s to pile on the pressure to make changes, so we shall see.

Not seen anything on the news yet about the demise of Atos?

I’ve got an assessment with ATOS in a couple of weeks, wouldn’t they have contacted me if that wasn’t going ahead?

Sonia x