Lovely ATOS man, and ill health retirement

Hi all, I just phoned my HR to be told my employer is meeting with the govenors (I work in a school) on the 19th, to discuss my case, and to read over letters etc, as I have been granted ill health, so the meeting is to dismiss me, as there is no job I can do anymore. I will then recieve a letter to say I’ve been dismissed on ill health grounds, then have to send that to pensions, to be able to get my pension.

I then phoned ATOS and asked them whats going on with my claim, as I don’t know what group I’m in, and he was lovely, yes I sad lovely haha, they don’t need to see me, all the evidence has gone back to DWP where a desicion maker will be in touch soon, to discuss money and which group I’m in??? Being as no further evidence, or the fact that they don’t need to see me at all, do you think I have got the support group? Thanks from a very happy Michelle xxxx

Hi Shellie.

I retired through ill health last year. I had my employment terminated following several appts with Atos, who were very supportive and sent Pensions Dept a letter of support.

I had to have my employment before I could apply for ill health retirement. Once my employment was terminated it all happened very fast. I was terrified having to be sacked really in order to claim ill health early pension.

Hope this helps you a bit.

Good luck.

Shazzie xxx

This seems odd and not knowing case hard to comment but has your employer attempted reasonable adjustments which they are required to do. Not sure they can easily dismiss you unless there is something in contract, I would suggest speaking to CAB and see how Equality act cover you on this one.

Also ATOS are a rule unto themselves and have been in the news for al the wrong reasons, However someone had a freedom of info act on another site which shows that MS is on a list of specialist review for decision on Face to Face or not. It may seem that you have avoided the face to face not sure that it puts you in right group.

Hi Pat, he said I have nothing to worry about, that DWP will call me with regards to money, grouping etc??? What does LTB’s stand for? Sorry haha. There really isn’t anything more my boss can do, or help me with. I feel quite relieved, but a little sad that my working life is over.

Got an awful pain in my back today (not had it before) it’s like a twisting. MS or not? I have no idea anymore!!! Keep smiling :)) x

LTB’s are lying feithing b******s!!

Oh hahaha thanks x

I wasn’t called for medical and was put in the support group. My friend wasn’t called for a medical and he was put in the wrag group. Hope it all works out for you.

Thank you Mo, me too, fingers crossed. It will be a relief! x

Haha Pat. x

Hi, I had a phonecall 4 weeks after sending in my esa form, along with medical reports. I was put into the support group, without being seen.

The letter came a few days later, with the amount and how long it lasts…3 years in my case, probably as by then I will be on state pension.

Your call does sound promising, but if it was me, I`d wait till I get the letter.

On the retirement front…sounds like you agree to go and are waiting for it to happen at the forthcoming meeting.

I had to retire on ill health at the age of 47…13 years ago. I never imagined I could cope, but I do.

Good luck.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, I’m 47 also. This is so confusing. I just want to be done and dusted, can’t stand the worry and the waiting! I still have had no letter inviting me to my dismissal meeting, that apparently (according to HR)is happening on the 19th? HR said I don;t need to go as they have already agreed it, and they only really need people to with union reps, if you are appealing or fighting anything, I would like the choice though, I find it a bit weird, meetings etc are going on without my knowledge??

Thank you Poll, love Michelle x

Hmmm, it does seem that things are happening, without you being there…not really conducive to a happy outcome. Have you actually agreed to finish?

Even if you have, its making you feel as if you have no control over whats going on.

have a talk with HR…again!

You`re like me, cant wait for things to happen and cant stop my over active brain thinking about it.

The 19th is only 2 sleeps away…good luck hun.

luv Pollx

Poll, can you believe it, paperwork sent to 25, I live at 210?? Grrr. I should get it tomorrow, as they sending the sais letter out again. I emailed my boss, and he said the meeting will take place on Wednesday, I don’t need to attend, as it’s all been agreed with HR, but it’s something they have to do, he said not to worry everything can and will be sorted? OH that I saw in February said about ill health retirement, as I’m in a pension, and yes I areed it with her. I’ll have good days and bad days, but will never be cured. I think my boss is making sure he does everything correctly, as I work in a school, it’s local authourity. Hubby says it will be sorted properly, as they can’t afford to make any slip ups, because of discrimination etc. I don’t know the procedure, do I get paid off, get my pension early?? Oh God I’m so impatient, but I have waited a long time, OH saw them February ESA been since 5th March, not got a grouping as of yet, the ATOS man said I should hear in a few weeks as West London has a huge backlog. Sorry for going on hehe.

Also congratulations to you for support group, it must be such a weight off your mind.

Love Michelle xx

Hi again.

When I went off on IHR, I was offered a lump sum and a small pension…no that was how i chose to receive my payout.

You will be asked which way you want to receive your money.

Smaller payout/bigger pension


bigger payout/smaller pension.

Think about that one carefully. If you take the higher lump sum, you could use some or all of it to adapt your house or buy equipment you need. That way you will have less savings and recieve more in benefits.

So will you decide not to go to the meeting on Wednesday?

The council treated me very well and my boss was decent. 15 years was a long time to be employed by the same firm.

luv Poll.

ps…the letter going to the wrong house is a swine!

I have been at the same school for 16 years. I see what you mean about really thinking about how to be paid. I have a few debts that would be great to get rid of.

No I won’t be going to meeting, that would really upset me seeing them, knowing that part of my life is over Also I’ve got nuero app at 8.30am, so be shattered by the afternoon haha

Thanks Poll xxxxx

Hi Poll, no I wont be going to meeting, It would really upset me, seeing them all, and knowing that part of my life is over I been there 16 years, at the same school. I will think carefully about how to recieve Pension. Thank you for advice xxxx

Yeh, good thinking.

get your payout, buy a few necessities and enjoy your well earned pension.

Take up something you`ve always fancied doing, but never had the time…now I dont mean sky diving or mountaineering…something a bit more sedate!

luv Pollx

Hi Shellie I’m in the same position as you…just received my occi health letter recommending tier 1 medical retirement. So now just to await the dismissal meeting and then I am officially a pensioner…at aged 42. Catherine

To all of you having to retire on ill health at a much younger age than you had anticipated…

you may feel sad about this now, as if you`ve been thrown on the scrap heap…i felt like that back in 2000, when I took IHR at the age of 48.

But now you have a chance to do things you always wanted to…as long as you`re physically able of course, at a pace which suits you and doesnt have to be fitted in with working times.

I found new interests like, quilting, story writing, and card making and more recently cinema visits in the afternoon, so I can still go to bed after tea and watch my soaps.

luv Pollx

I totally agree Poll.

I took ill health retirement last year at the age of 52. I cried a lot at the time but love pottering around the house now not having to worry about getting to work and feeling like hell for the hours after work only to start all over again the next day.

The’s not saying that I didn’t want to carry on cause I did and totally understand why people want to carry on. But I have to say that my family are noe getting the best of me.

Shazzie xx