Ill Health Retirement

Dont usually write on the forum but got good news today. Got my ill health retirement along with letters from Occupational Health ,My GP, Neurologist, and Social Work all singing off the same hymn sheet and agreeing that after working full time with MS for 27 years I am no longer able to continue. Of course this will probably not be enough for ATOS who, in the absence of a valid death certificate, will probably declare me fully fit to work.


with the number getting that response from ATOS, it’ll be like the night of the living dead!

i do a mean zombie shuffle!

congrats on getting ill health retirement

carole x

Excuse my ignorance because I really don’t know but I thought once you had your pension you are then not entitled to ESA so why would ATOS still be involved ? I ask because I am awaiting my IHR decision from my employer and I thought I would only be able to claim DLA once it was finalised ? Thanks

You can still claim contribution based ESA, anything over £85 a week reduces your amount by 50p for every £1. I’m in the support group, have my teachers’ pension and still get £16 a week ESA.

Sarah x

Thanks, Sarah. I am in the support group on contribution based as I have been off work sick for 10 months but I thought that would stop if I get my pension through. So thanks. A little bit more peace of mind. Catherine Xx

Just a little addition to what Sarah has said about ESA for anyone making financial projections for potential ill health retirement.

If you are in the Work Related Activity Group of ESA you can only claim contribution based ESA for 12 months. After 12 months it would become income based. If your occupational pension was too high you would get nothing or it would reduce the ESA £1 for £1 (They might disregard £10.00, I’m not sure)
If you are in the support group there is not a time limit on contribution based and you would carry on getting it after the 12 months, subject to the pension rules that Sarah described.

Hi, I have my occupational pension (had it since 2000, following IHR) and ESA.

I believe they reduce the amount of ESA if your pension is more than £85 a week. Mine is a lot less than that.

luv Pollx

Hi, I recently was awarded ESA (support group) and i sent several medical letters with the claim form and I was fortunate to get the benefit without an interview or medical.

I hope you will be as fortunate. If they give you a result you`re not happy with, then do appeal, yeh?

Did you send medical reports/letters in?

luv Pollx

Forgot to add, well done you for continuing to work so long with MS. You deserve some good quality leisuretime now.

luv Pollx