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Hiya folks

Havent had the concentration to come on for a while.

Saw occy health yesterday and at 44 they are recommending retirement. As I have been off 6months my ssp stops this month  and was told to sort out ESA.

I did this a few weeks ago and they have sent me the limited capability for work questionnare.If I am going to be retired should I ring them and explain or do I have to fill it in anyway? I have worked all my life so benifits is an alien experience.....and I cant face the form

Any help will be greatfully recieved.


Hi, Fill it in anyway. I'm almost retired (next month) and get ESA whilst I'm still on half pay. Ironically it will go down when my pension starts as they take that into account. I did ask whether I was still entitled to it as I was still getting paid and they said Yes!

I know the forms are hard; join Benefits and Works (online) for around £20; they give loads of fab advice and help you through each stage of the form. Some how I've managed to get DLA and ESA without a medical. Take your time, I'm sure it will be fine.

Take care,

Sarah x

Thank you Sarah,   as im in the local government scheme I thought it would be more clear cut than its proving to be.Now I have given in and agreed its the way to go, it appears the pension people will now have to write to my neurologist regarding capability to work...he has met me for about 20mins and takes 4months minimum to answer letters so my SSP stops this month and pension appears a long way off.

Non of that helps pay the next 18yrs of mortgage and the food bill for 2 permanently hungry teenagers who are at college not work!!!

Can you tell im in panic mode??


Pip....Try not to panic.... don't be rushed into going down the early retirement route just because you SSP is running Sarah points out she is claiming ESA at the same time.

Remember that MS is covered under the Disability Discrination Act therefore your employer has a responsibility to make reasonable adjustments when/if you become well enough to return. Remember this could be on a part time basis, or a phased return....or maybe another role depending on what they have available.

I feel awful right now and can't imagine being at work..... but I wouldn't like to think that the option to return in some capacity wasn't open to me.

Sometimes (sadly I think) employers may want the easy/tidy way out so all I would say is think about what you really want to do when you feel better.

I have only been off sick a few weeks, so am not as clued up as Sarah is.... and remember there is a sectin on this site called MS SUPPORT, when you click on that there are sub headings to the left. One section isabout financial support so I would have a good look in there.

I am well impressed by your success Sarah....did you have a confirmed Neurologist's diagnosis at the time of applying for the benefit?



Hi Gill,

Yes I did have a firm diagnosis. I  have only had problems since April 2011 and had all the usual tests. I asked for the DLA forms at the beginning of September (approx) in advance of my diagnosis appointment at the end of September and then enclosed copies of all the medical letters I'd received. I have PPMS so there's no chance of me improving. I had a phone call a few weeks later asking me to confirm how many times I went to the loo in the night! A few days later I checked my bank balance and there was a payment of over £600 which was the back dated money (to when I'd asked forthe forms) and then I got a letter saying I'd been awarded HRM and MRC indefinately!

For ESA I did the same thing , enclosing all copies of medical evidence including the forms my GP, consultant, MS nurse and occ health had done to support my retirement. Initially I was put in the WRAG but when I asked to see all the paperwork involved in reaching the decision I was miraculously put in the Support Group = this was important as I'm only entitled to Contribution based ESA and if I'd stayed in the WRAG it would have stopped after 12 months; now it's until they decide to reassess me.

I strongly recommend Benefits and Works as they take you through the forms question by question. I fully expected to have a medical and was over the moon not to have to undergo one. Take your time with the forms and be honest - sometimes we don't like admitting our problems! 

I may have managed to claim the benefits - but I'd much rather be still working at the job I enjoyed so much!

Sarah x

Thank you both...time to face some forms me thinks