ESA/ATOS GP visit......

Good news........the GP visited me at home, examined me & the end result is I now have Higher rate DLA indefinatly.


Congratulations Sir/Madam..

Unfortunately DLA is being phased out and replaced by PIP with the express purpose of getting at least 20% off the benefit.

Enjoy it while it lasts.


lol tim ur so positive,,i think people with a serious illness will just be transferd over,imo,,i hope,,if not gonna cost government millions in  medicals and appeals,,even the tories must c that if u have serious illness for past years,it aint gonna get any better

You’d think that the government would take a sensible approach if you have an incurable condition just transfer across. Alas I don’t think it will be so simple.

If the sensible method worked then nobody who has had to give up work because of MS would be in the WRAG of ESA and we all know that’s not true.

However annon congrats on your DLA award.


congrats! you deserve it :)

Well done.



Tim; you have as much bedside manner as a duck-billed-platypus in the middle of the Sahara who wants to swim e. g. none.


Don’t worry anon; being ATOS will be doing the PIP assessing they will have you on record.



Well done you,

                        not just for being awarded this higher rate, but also for actually getting a GP to visit you at home!

                            Take care,


Thank you everyone of you......there i am showing myself.

I was 'bricking it' when I was told i was having a home visit & I have to say the GP in question could play poker!..... but he was actualy nice & at least he was a GP of some 20-30 years standing, so knew his job.

My legs are bad now, pain & spasms all the time.....grrrrrrrr.......

I will cross other bridges when I come to them, I think that's the only way to approach things really, sending love & hugs to all on here that need them.