GP,s and Benefit Staff.

Goodmorining family.

A conversation took place yesterday of which I was involved.

We all know our GP,s are against the new ESA and soon to be PIP medicals and the changes made to these benefits and a good GP like my lot will fight your corner.

When ever I ring any services or benefits dept I always appoligies that I am not angry but I struggle to talk due to MS and on occassions the phone has been put down on me.

Many get angry at the benefits agency on these pathetic changes and the length of time it takes to change over from Incapacity benefit to ESA,then from next year DLA will start to change over to PIP,another fight on our hands and stress for us all.

Anyway get to my point.Those staff who work for the benefits agencys are also against the changes and the delays that are being made due to the changes,they are also against the medicals.It is also stated that the goverment wants to cut a certain percentage off the disability bill,they do not care who gets kicked off this benefit or ESA benefit as long as they cut the bill.

Again staff are against these changes.Staff also admit it is a LOTTERY on who keeps there benefit and who looses it.They admit that the innocent and in need loose there benefits and those who know how to work the system,lie and act are keeping there full benefits even though staff belive the person is a faker.Staff have no choice or have no say in who looses there benefit.

They admit they feel sorry for those who are in need and get penalised when they realy need to have there exta benefits.

They are angered that the CHEATS get to keep there benefits and know these people are liars.

I say STOP getting angry at the staff,they wish they could change things for us all but they cannot.

They are NOT against us they are FOR us and would love to help many.

I say lets voice our opinions and anger at Cameron and his lackies.

MP,s just want to save money and do not care who they hurt.