HOOORRRRAAAAAYYYYYYY, I’ve just found out that it’s possible to win out against D.W.P dicisions, despite them mucking up my request for a review, and giving me someone elses ailments when I appealed, and passing my case to tthe tribunal service, where i pointed out i did not suffer from alcohol abuse, learning difficulties, nor hearing problems. but suffered from MS and did not have the capability to work however limited, the case was thrown back to the DWP appeals system and was found in my favour, putting me in the support group. I have to say how relieved i feel now… until the next fight over P.I.Ps. But i feel enpoowered enough to stand my ground and kick butt back. :slight_smile:

well done,never thought that was possible,hire urself out a a DWP expert,:slight_smile:

Im soo happy youve won your case. We had similar experience way back in July with my sons ESA. We won too, however Ive a feeling there may be a lot more fighting to come in the very near future. Why one may ask though, dont we fight to stay fit enough to enjoy life without this spanner in the works?

Well done luv,



Well done monkey,this should give hope to others

going through the whole ESA appeal system


Yes well done, I won mine too, lets all kick ASS, Luv Jean x


I think I replied to your original post suggesting that they had sent someone elses report to you. I am sorry that this has proved to be case.I am glad that is has been sorted. Secret4areason