Hi Guys

Just asking has anyone else had such a long wait for the DWP to get back to them about there PIP i applied for mine in november last year and only had my assessment with ATOS at the beginning of June and now still waiting for them to say if ive got it or not.


Mac I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I know about people waiting over 6 months after assessment. I do know that some people have contacted their local mp’s and got their replies quite soon afterwards and a letter from their mp’s too saying they did the right thing writing to them. Maybe worth a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Good luck.

Cath xx

Hi Mac, apparently there’s a huge backlog & loads of people waiting. They’ve created a system that basically can’t cope. As Cath says, might be worth contacting your MP. Good luck. I hope when you do hear it’s good news. Pat xx

Thanks Guys, yeah i hope the news is good as well after all this time and a 20 mile trip to get the assessment or id still be waiting now

Take care guys


Hi - I applied last August - had my assessment in Feb - after many cancelltions - and I heard in May that I had got PIP. The good thing was that it was back-dated to August so nice when it came.

It seems that some areas take longer but good luck with yours.

Jackie x

Fingers crossed for you Mac, hope you will have good news soon.

Pam x

I waited 6 months for assessment but got decision after 2 weeks had to do reconsideration which took a month that’s for pip but they back pay you, esa one well was tough for me no dx so ended up in WRAG after dx I’m going to need to appeal for support group. Hope this helps, pip assessment was much nicer than esa.

Hi mac Sent one off in February no reply until may so phoned them and they said no record of claim,so did another and sent recorded delivery Not holding my breathe for reply,I don’t work but luckily my partner does so money not great but won’t be going to wonga anytime soon Good luck with claim Steve

They do back pay you, as several people have said. All very well if you’ve got sufficient savings or income to manage until then, but it must be devastating to those who haven’t. As Pat says, the system can’t manage, the politicians say how it’s got to be and everyone at the coal face has to clear up the mess, Everyone I’ve ever dealt with in benefits has been kind and helpful. Even most of the ATOS doctors. One I will never forgive though…

My esa was bad she said I was fit for work wish I was my gp then put down my legs giving way to artharitis it just got worse over year, lucky I got awarded pip with no dx

Hi, I applied in January not heard anything yet, I rang in March to check form had been received this was confirmed. I’m also hanging on to the fact it is backdated however doesn’t help being broke for the last 6 months. Living on less working tax credits due to massive reduction in working hours then sick pay and only a little help from Housing Benefit. Living off overdraft. Stopping direct debits to get through each month, I keep asking myself what have I done to deserve this BLinkin illness and the financial worry it has caused.

Hi Guys

Phoned DWP today they have finnally got my assessement back told i should have decision in 3 to 4 weeks back dated to 4th nov 13 if its granted.

Goodjob my other half works full time as we couldnt live on ESA alone


It’s disgraceful isn’t it? I don’t have a partner so I also really struggled until my payments started. It’s okay to say that they’ll back date the payments but you can’t tell the electricity, gas man etc to wait and sadly your kids need feeding in the meantime and you need the odd meal too. I hope to God I never have to go through that again and really feel for you Pauline as I remember clearly how awful it was. I had to fight for my critical illness policy to pay out too and very nearly lost my house. It will ease up though. I’ll never have money to waste but on a budget we manage and so will you.

Take care

Cath xx

Reading these posts, it really is a b****y disgrace how disabled people are being treated over these.changes in benefits.

This government has a lot to answer to.

Pam x

I agree Pam. For a government to make disabled and ill people to have to fight for beneifts and to have to go months without benefits while waiting is just a terrible disgrace. And we are talking about amounts of money that those Posh Boys would think nothing of spending on a meal out. Pat xx

Most of the media seem strangely quite about this protest. Boris may yet get use his water cannons after all.

It really makes me realise how lucky I am!

Yes, I had to jump thru some hoops (mandatory reconsideration then appeal which didn’t happen, they backed down) but I did get there in the end.

I think I was just really lucky that I applied when I did. I know when I had the first telephone conversation with them, they didn’t even sound busy.

I’m just glad it’s done and over with phew

Whammel, I didn’t even know about that one… Yes, very quiet!

Sonia x


Most of the media seem strangely quite about this protest. Boris may yet get use his water cannons after all.

[/quote] The media seem very quiet about a lot of demo’s!!! The UnCut demo last weekend was actually outside Broadcasting House and the BBC didn’t report it. Disgusting! I’m trying not to watch BBC News… watching Channel 4 news at 7pm which is actually much better. Thanks Whammel… I had no idea! Pat xx

Just … just… ANGRY!!

I reckon they’re doing this hoping most disabled people will give up or pass over; don’t give up - remember they will back date it, and if they try not to do that, contact your MP and report them.