Claimed in Feb, didn’t receive any acknowledgement that they had got my claim, rang last week & confirmed receipt but couldn’t tell me how long the process would take.

Pauline xx

Just for info anyone else in the same boat?

Hi Pauline, the trouble is they have a terrible backlog… so at least you know they have got it. With DLA if you are awarded it they backdate it to the day they got the form (or maybe it’s the day that you received the form) anyway I hope it’s the same with PIP. (I’m whispering this Pauline but I think we’ve done it… ‘the thread’ has been knocked off front page… shhhh keep it to yourself). Pat xx

I’m very good at keeping things to myself I won’t tell a soul, i didn’t entertain it at all if you noticed it wound me up greatly.

Pauline xx

Hi,i claimed last september,had my ATOS face to face in feb and still waiting for a decision told me it would be backdated to the day i claimed.


Current backlog is 26 weeks from application but it is backdated.

Hi - I applied last August and had assessment in Feb. I was awarded it last week and it was backdated to August. It.did seem a long time but the lump sum was a nice way to save. Frothy

What really frustrates me is their inability to prioritise. There are so many people struggling financially while waiting for a decision to be made (yes I’ve been there) and yet so many of us have been assessed and diagnosed with chronic or progressive conditions that anyone with any medical knowledge will know are extremely unlikely to improve, who are reassessed annually. My gp contacted me to let me know he’d had to assess me and wanted me to know that according to his assessment I’ll never be well enough to work again. I heard back from the benefit system within 4 weeks letting me know that they’re satisfied and will continue my payments.

It just seems so silly to reassess us who aren’t going to get better so frequently when they have such a backlog of new applications to get through. I’m aware that there are many fraudsters trying to claim for injuries and illnesses they don’t have but we have provided proof that we’ll NEVER get better. Surely they can improve their system.

I know how difficult it is for those struggling as I’ve done it, but I have a friend with ms going through the same thing. She has difficulty filling forms in and asked for my help. I’ve tried to help her, filling it all in and copying any letters were could find as evidence, getting them posted back asap, and she’s still waiting for a decision. It’s so sad to see her regularly knowing how much she’s struggling both physically and financially and although I know I’ve done all I can I feel a bit responsible every week I see her and she’s still waiting to hear back. Surely new applicants should be a priority.

Cath xx

I just don’t see why, if you’ve been dx with a chronic condition, why they just can’t accept information from neuro and GP! The most daft thing is that stress makes MS (and I’m sure other chronic conditions) worse… and yet to get these benefits they put us under an enormous amount of stress. No wonder so many ill and disabled people are not getting all the benefits they’re entitled too… so many drop out when they are denied the benefit as they haven’t got the energy (or know-how) to appeal. Notice how the government doesn’t spend a penny looking for people who are NOT claiming benefits they are entitled to!!! Pat xx

Hi - I went through so much stress until I got my award. I turned up to the first assessment in Nov and it had been cancelled. They made another 4 appointments before I saw someone. Each time I had approx 6 sheets of very expensive paper telling me how to get there. I claimed for 2 journeys as the first was cancelled. And then I heard nothing for ages, so did not know if it was successful or not. State of limbo just waiting. It was a relief when I got it. But the expense to them - wasted money on paper and time. Also it was a very plush enormous building I went to with about 4 people dealing with just me - so it seemed. It has helped me so much now though, I have a cleaner and have paid off my mobility scooter so life is a bit easier and less stressful. Jackie xx

Jackie having a cleaner is the one thing I really am pleased to afford with DLA (the old benefit that’s now become PIP… talk about confusing…). Well, that and being able to get taxis…and have my groceries delivered… and buy books on Kindle… oooh er when I think about it I’m very pleased to get DLA! Pat xx