PIP query?

Hi hope all are as well as can be?

I have received the dreaded invitation to claim PIP and just wondered how long it took between making the call to DWP and receiving the form?

I realise it is like asking, “How long is a piece of string” and everyone’s​ case is different, but was just interested.

Jaycie x

It was less than a week for mine.

Sarah x

Anyone else?

Had mine in just over two weeks x

If you have back up savings, there’s nothing to worry about. It all gets back dated, for genuine cases.

My theory is, it’s to catch out the fakes. I know folks who get full PiP & there’s nothing wrong with them.

A Doctor would never lie. People don’t do such things.

Who in their right mind, would be jealous of someone obviously disabled?

Mine came within 7 days.


Hi Jaycie

Got mine within a few days then they texted me to say they hadn’t received form back

even though I still had quite a couple of weeks before due back date!!

Make call…

Linda x

My initial first claim (4 years ago ) took a good while to be finalised, but everything owed was back dated.

When my MS worsened last year I told DWP that my condition had changed, I was then reassessed at home about 4-5 weeks later and all the paper work was finalised about 2 weeks after that.

Reading the above posts it looks as though things have improved in the time you have to wait ?

Sorry just read your question again regard waiting waiting for the claim form to arrive after making the call !

I thought you was asking how long for you PIP claim to be finalised.

Yep just a few days for the initial paperwork to arrive, possibly a week ?

Just be honest and open when filling it in.

They ask about your worse days so tell them EXACTLY how MS really does affect you.

I think you can get help to fill it in if your struggling ?

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Mine came within 2 weeks , to help me fill in the forms I saw the benefit lady at our local MS centre in Norwich , she was a great help with filling in the forms and put down things I would have not thought about putting so if you can get help it is well worth it. I ended up with basic on both parts.

Mine arrived within about a week. I got my decision about two weeks after my face to face assessment. The whole thing start to finish was about five weeks. I got top rate for both which was more than I had been getting, but only for three years whereas I had DLA indefinitely.

I deal with lots of PIP queries in my voluntary work at CAB and you should get the form within a week, you then have 28 days to complete and send back to DWP. If you are struggling to meet the 28 day deadline you can contact DWP and ask for an extension which, whilst they may grumble, they invariably grant an extension. The CAB website has some really useful information around PIP and how to complete the PIP form. It is a tricky form to complete and most CAB’s do provide help to complete the form and I would highly reccomend getting some knowledgeable and experienced help when completing the form.

Thanks everyone for your help