PIP Claim

Hi everyone!

Just wondering if anyone can tell me how long it takes for them to make up their minds about a claim for PIP, providing they don’t lose anything!? My friend has just gone through the medical after they’ve cancelled 7 appointments! I don’t think she can take much more and is having to spend a lot of money getting there and back.

Hi I dont think any of us can give you a good answer hun.

How long is it since you sent your claim papers off?

Have you had any acknowledgment at all, that they have been received?

Why not give them a call?


Hi Boudica,

Well now, I’m not certain about the exact dates but she contacted Age UK around October 2013 and they, supposedly, filled the form in for her then sent it to her but she has been so depressed abou losing a good neighbour then losing her daughter and being so unwell with diabetes, really bad depression, Rheumatoid Arthritis in neck, shoulders, elbow, hands, knees ankles and feet plus Asthma and Diabetes for which she has never been referred to the appropriate clinics, she mislaid the form, but they sent appointments regardless then either cancelled them or simply didn’t turn up! After umpteen tel. calls then getting someone from a disability help support group to speak to them, I was able to go with her yesterday to the medical but was so ill very little was done, the lady who carried the interview out was very understanding though and seemed very positive that the claim would be successful. Now she’s chewing herself waiting for word from them, I don’t think she’ll be able to do much more as she’s on the verge of giving up.

H Everyone,

I applied for pip mid October 2013, got papers back dated 18th November to have back the DWP 18th December. DWP received paper 13th December 2013. Called DWP, who in turn told me to call Atos. I called Atos 23th April 2014 and was offered appointment 1st May 2014 for an assessment. I was told by the assessor that I would hear back with 3 to 4 weeks. I have still not heard anything, was wondering who to call, but after reading many posts, on many websites, think I will just need to wait… wait… wait… soo frustrating (33 weeks in all from time of phone call).

Hi, they are saying the claim should be sorted within 26 weeks, not helpful I know, I applied back in September 2012 had an initial appointment for assessment in February which was cancelled and finally had it in March. I then heard the decision on the 7th May although it was backdated. Its such a long wait and a difficult process to go through.

I hope it gets sorted soon xx

Hi Linda.

I am currently going through this protracted process as well.
I had my assessment on April 24th and all seemed to go OK, assessor was quite sympathetic.
By pesstering the DWP ( phone them weekly) I found they received the report less than 1 week later on 30th May.
At that time they were saying they were trying make decisions within 3 weeks (nothing official ofcourse)!
That was now 5 weeks ago!
Phoned them today and was told they had been in touch with Capita and a decision is imminant!

Allied to the fact that ALL POST is sent business 2nd class which takes anywhere from 7 to 10 days to arrive by snail mail.

So if there are no “glitches” (sorry for the yank expression but can’t find suitable english word) she should here something
in about 5 weeks after her assessment date!


I have found all concerned at the DWP very concerned and sympathetic to what is happening, if a little powerless.

Take Great Care nd Keep in Touch!


i applied in August 2013, had medical in jan atos nurse suggested i be awarded it but i didn’t get enough points so i did a reconsideration and got decision in Feb and back dated to August hope this helps i only got standard rates so once Diagnosed i will go for high rate mobility since i am house bound since june.

hope this helps.

A big thanks to everyone who has replied to my post. I think I will definately call DWP tomorrow and try to find out something. Its so good just to have a bit rant, and know that people understand. Here’s hoping decision wont be too much longer. I will post any information I receive. Take care xx

Hi I applied in September and heard nothing until I contacted my local MP. He got in touch with DWP and within two weeks I had my ATOS interview and four weeks later my decision letter. My award was backdated to September and paid as a lump sum into my bank account : ) So my advice is to contact your MP and ask them to get in touch with DWP on your friends behalf. Good luck

Hi I applied around sept last year and got my decision last week. I had my assessment in nov it took atos until 1st week in may to send back to dwp. They did turn it around. I was constantly on phone to ATOS. I was awarded enhanced for both sections for 2 years. Barney

Thanks a bunch for all your replies and usefull comments, it seems everyone has similar experiences with the whole process.

And thanks allensp, I’ll definately get her to keep in touch with ‘the powers that be’ and keep an eye on her to see that she dosen’t lose heart.

I understand how long things can take when dealing with DWP as it has taken them a full year for them to process my claim for ESA, after they lost all my records and so had to send them again with a years worth of bank statements!

I’ll get back soon (hopefully) with an update.

Linda x