Atos Delay Now Indefinite

It is now 16 weeks since I received the letter from Atos confirming that they had received my application for PIP from DWP. I spoke to them today and they have no idea when I will be given an appointment for an assessment. Is there any other area of public life where this would be acceptable?

Hi Tony Tea

In my experience I waited 7 months before I received a letter regarding my PIP application and it turned out to be one informing me of the amount awarded for the next two years with a review in twelve months, so you may be luck not to have to present yourself for an assessment.

The award was backdated to my initial phone call, so hopefully you’re able to be without it for a little while longer, but it seems they’re getting their sh1t in order.

Good luck


Thanks Paul - hearing that it can be done will keep me optimistic!

That wouldn’t be a bad result - at least I wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of an assessment. I wonder if many people are getting ‘waved through’ like you were.

I guess that the pressure on Atos has probably made them more inclined to do it to try to keep down the backlog.

I might see if anyone at the society can compile some sort of chart to show everyone’s experience for comparison. It would show up any inconsistencies between areas and assessment organisations.

They haven’t contacted my MS Nurse yet, which I can’t understand - how much trouble is it to send out a standard enquiry? So as far as I’m concerned they’re not getting anything together…

And yes the money will be spent by the time I get it.



It has taken me 16 months to get an assessment and I was on 50 per week whilst under 25 then 77 a week for the last 7 months. I had my assessment last week and they failed me. I didn’t meet the minimum points threshold.

Luckily for me, the dwp Man I spoke to was very kind and considerate and told me there is a fatigue related ‘capture all’ that means i qualify, albeit for 1 year and I am in the work related group meaning I’ll have a jobcentre appointment at least 6 times per year. But no need for sick lines so it’s six and half a dozen.


Sounds like there are as many different experiences of applying for PIP as there are of MS…

Interesting what you say about fatigue, though - there really does need to be a consistent application of the reviewing.

And I can’t see how anyone who hasn’t experienced the fatigue can be qualified to assess it.

Are there really people pretending to have MS to fraudulently claim benefit?

I’m new to this but can see it’s going to get very frustrating soon!

Good luck with yours