Possible ATOS withdrawal

Has anyone seen the Polly Toynbee article in the Guardian today about disability benefits?

One thing I picked up on is that ATOS may not now be administering the PIP evaluations.

If true this is very good news!

Toynbee suggests that ATOS withdrawing is due to adverse experience in handling the ESA assessments.

Is anyone else aware of this?

Hi Heathwood, NO was not aware of that. Would be great news as would really highlight what a complete mess this welfare reform is in!

I did hear a young man with learning difficulties on Radio 4 this morning who gets low care or mobility (didn’t catch which). Because he’s on ‘low’ he would lose it under the PIP rules and it would mean he would have to move out of his one-bed flat and back in with his parents. It’s that extra £20 a week that gives him enough to pay his bills. And what if he didn’t have parents to move back in with? It’s all such a mess!

Thanks for posting this,

Pat x

Polly has a fine record of exposing injustice and hope the good people of this Country are listening. Sadly, ATOS are only applying the Tories random figure of cutting by 20%, so we should not lose sight of exactly who is causing the poor and disadvantaged hardship.

Having said that, it’s the Liberal Party that allows them to get away with it, but they will at least be rewarded at the next election.