This is currently ‘doing the rounds’ on F/book.


It is completely unfair and shocking :frowning:

Yes I remember all those questions you just said being asked for ESA back in Feb, they don’t look at the whole picture it seems

If these tests are what they do it’s so ridculously generalised it’s beyond belief !!

I support a couple of things about welfare reform, I think it’s wrong that people on benefits can actually get more money than people who work. Yes of course people should have benefits but you just cannot pay people on benefits more. I think if an average family who works gets less than an average family solely on benefits then there is something wrong.

Then there are the people who are deliberately pretending they are disabled or more disabled than they actually are, that’s just wrong in my eyes.

But the government are going about it in such a stupid slapdash way, ATOS are a joke I’m afraid, they can’t even see if a person is genuinely disabled and unable to cope in a working environment either physically or mentally. The disabled cannot simply be forced to do any old job, there are so many complicating factors and ATOS are not qualified to make these decisions.

The whole thing needs to start again with a reputable body who have a better medical knowledge than ATOS.