This is a good one! Re ATOS

I’ve been reading up on the ATOS scam and found a very curious tale. ATOS also run occupational health for companies. Some company employ ATOS to run occ health for them. Well, a man who had health problems was assessed by ATOS occ health and was discharged from employment (sacked I suppose) on medical grounds. He was forced to leave on the advice of ATOS. He was then unemployed and claimed ESA. He was assessed by ATOS and found fit for work. Does anybody get that???

Shows them for what they are. Nothing surprises me with a company like this. Its a shame our mps are so quiet on this matter. Its like they love private companys.

Funny old thing is the majority of private companys they employ aren’t UK based!! And manage to fudge up everything they do - talk about taking the p***!!!

OMG that’s ridiculous. Far more sinister is the summise that maybe, just maybe, the company gave ASOS an " incentive " to give this poor chap a bleak medical assessment just to force him from the company. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. I guess if the man challenged this whole episode he would be told that he was considered unfit for the actual job in question but that he maybe fit to work at a job, say…stuffing envelopes or something similar!! Bloody ATOS, what a complete joke…obviously not a company with fairness, consistency or accuracy as part of their work ethic.

I don’t think it’s necessarily inconsistent. It depends what the principal activities of the original employer were. If, for the sake of argument, they were engaged mostly in deep sea diving, or something else equally incompatible with MS, it may have proved impossible to offer an alternative desk job, so they would have had no choice but to terminate his employment. But the lack of a suitable alternative with that particular employer wouldn’t necessarily mean he couldn’t do anything, anywhere, for anyone.

There’s a world of difference between not being able to continue your present job, and not being able to do any.


Ok now I’m really dreading my occ health appt from work on Tuesday!! atos due to phone me to see if I’m fit for work. referral sent as was off for 4 weeks, completely unrelated to ms type probs, just happened to have a chest infection that floored me!!

now however I’m struggling with work cos of mobility, fatigue etc etc!

Hi Pat

I get it completely.

It all depends on what the individuals role / occupation was.

I ‘left’ my old job as I wouldn’t be able to manage it with my health.

I found a new job that suits me fine and fits in well with my individual circumstances. If I had left my old job to be told that as I left that one due to health reasons, i could never work again, I would find that particularly unfair and unjust.

That really would be a case of not ‘getting it’.

ATOS are accessing a persons ability to do a job not necessarily the job that they used to do.