Just been watching First Ministers questions in the Scottish Parliament. DLA is being transferred to the Scottish Parliament and she asked for it to be done immediately so that Scottish disabled people do not become part of the intended 20% cuts intended. It is the SNP’s policy to pause the roll out of PIP so that it can be done more fairly. Here’s hoping she succeeds.


Sounds like we should be moving up to Scotland to live!

Yes, let`s hope for a good outcome.


We started looking at houses up there on the internet yesterday…you get so much more house for your money that you do in Southern England!

I can imagine you would get a lot more house for your money. I really hope the SNP get in again as they have a real social justice agenda. For example our council tax has been frozen for 8 years. I guess they just have different priorities. They tried to get all welfare devolved but only got so much, including, luckily, DLA. Here’s hoping there are better times ahead.