Happy Birthday Pat

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Pat,

Happy birthday to you!

Have a lovely day with your family Pat,

Will be thinking of you,

Lots of love Nina xxxxxx


Hipy papy byhthdth thuthda!!

Wol xx


Happy Birthday Pat, have a lovely day.

Pam x


Happy Birthday

Jan x

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Happy Birthday Pat - have a lovely day X

jackie xx

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Happy birthday Pat. Hope you have a lovely day.

mags xx


Thank you my lovelies!

Had my mum, both sisters and brother-in-law over. They brought a huge delicious deli lunch with them and I wasn’t allowed to do a thing…except eat. Plus flowers and gifts…

One of my sisters had spent all day yesterday making a chocolate cake… and then left it at home!!! Her hubby thought she had put it in car and she thought he had… with card and present!!! She felt terrible about it but we all had a good laugh… I said I’d rather have them than chocolate cake!

After they left the doorbell went and it was huge bouquet and box of chocs from my son and his wife and my grandson.

I am surrounded by cards, flowers and gifts… and fridge full of yummy left-overs.

Yesterday a very good friend sent me a cream tea… was amazing… scones, clotted cream, strawberry jam, fudge… oh my diet has hit the rocks but hey you only have a birthday once a year.

Thank you for your birthday wishes… it means a lot to me.

Love to all… oh btw I’m 61 today!

Absolutely knackered but it was so worth it.

Pat x


Sounds like a lovely day, so pleased for you, and blow the diet enjoy your goodies, you deserve it.

Pam x

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Happy 21st birthday Pat Cant see the keyboard very well tonight so apologies if any mistakes!!! great to hear you’ve had a smashing day, if I’d have made a gorgeous chocolate cake I may forget to put it in the car!! Sx

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Happy Birthday Pat, I hope you had a lovely day.

Robert x.

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belated birthday wishes Pat, I’m try to contend with new tablet here so sorry I’m late

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oops, not great! Sonia x

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Sorry Pat, a bit late but belated good wishes, I’m glad you had a lovely day.

Cath xx


Happy Birthday for the other day Pat