Happy Birthday Nina!

A little bird tells me that it our Nina’s birthday (Ninagrace)… so here’s wishing you a very happy birthday!!!

AND a good year ahead!

Pat xxx


Happy Birthday Nina, hope you have a lovely day x

Pam x


Happy Birthday Nina

All the best. May the force be with you

Pud x

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Happy Birthday Nina hope you’re having a fantastic day

Jan x


Happy birthday Nina

J xx

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Thank you so much everyone…I can’t believe I missed this post yesterday! It’s a rare day that I don’t come on the forum but as MS law would have it I had a really rotten day…back on track now and very touched by your good wishes

Hope everyone is as well as can be, thanks again,

take care,

Nina xx

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Birthday and MS don’t mix well. I find them overwhelming and exhausting.

Hope you can recover today… and there won’t be another one for a whole year!

Pat xx

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Belated birthday greetings nina! Sorry you didn’t have a nice day though. I think that you should get another day of getting spoiled by default - it’s what birthdays are all about after all… x

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How right you are Pat! I’m truly happy that I’m not the queen with two of them to contend with!

take care of yourself Pat,

Love Nina xx

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Hhappy Birthday Nina


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Sounds like a good idea, thanks libertine!

Nina x

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Thanks Don!

Hope you and Heather are doing ok?

Take care,

Nina x

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