off on me jollies (not MS)

Afternoon playmates!

Going off tomorrow for a 4 night break, to test out the newly revamped camper. Yes, I know, i`m working my poor hubby like mad!

We`re going to Delamere forest in Cheshire. Our daughter and 2 grandsprogs live 30 mins from the site. My sis (and carer) and her hubby and their swanky new motorhome are coming too.

Friday, we`ll be going to Chester on the train. Those lovely railway staff gets ramps out for me to board and alight from the train.

The new bits in our camper are, a super dooper electric wheelchair tail lift, More space in the loo, by removing the basin unit and fitting a drop down basin. My sofa/bed has a new mechanism for pulling it out, plus a new support, which I really hope, wont have the bed collapsing when I get up. Theres a new kitchen unit with microwave cooker, shiny sink/hob unit.

So, see you later kids!

luv Pollx

Have a good trip Poll, so really deserve it, love Bex xxx

Hi Poll Have a wonderful trip. The train journey sounds lovely - I love going by train. Haven’t done it for years. The new mod cons in your camper van sound really posh and very impressive. Enjoy yourselves! Teresa xx

Have a great trip Poll !

I think the revamped camper sounds fantastic. And it’s such a lovely time of year to go on a trip.

Have fun!

Pat xx

Poll, My daughter has bought a small caravan - the idea was to keep it up the ‘yard’ where our horses are to use as a ‘loo’ and somewhere to make a cuppa. The van is immaculate - bargain of the year at £450- which includes all the electric hookup cables - satellite tv connection - full size oven/grill/hob/ warm air heating - and a seperate shower room with full size shower and seperate wash basin and full size cassette loo [Thetford] lt has a new awning that cost £350 - No signs of damp anywhere and we have had a neighbour crawl underneath to check for wear and tear. What a bargain - problem is - now my daughter thinks it is ‘too good’ to use up the yard!!!

What l was thinking was - would this be a good idea for ‘Paulc’ who wrote about his disabled MIL Nan - As she already has to sleep in her recliner. Getting into the van is awkward for me - l would need a ramp - but once in - it is ideal for someone disabled. lts a good idea for anyone who need the extra space when family come to stay. lt even has a ‘dresser’ with clips to hold your booze safely and the glasses!! lts a ABI Dalesman for any caravan buffs out there.

Have a lovely break Poll - l have been enjoying Linda Bellinghams tv series thats on in the afternoons - travelling in her VW Campervan.


Have. Wonderful time Polly, Frances if you are ever thinking of selling your camper let me know, it’s my husbands dream to own one! Chis

Have a great time Poll, will miss you.



Sorry Chis - lts only a caravan - not a motor home - it has to be towed. lts a palace on wheels.

l have a friend who buys the really old caravans and pimps them up - She calls it Glamping - All Cath Kidston type curtains and seat covers and painted in duck-egg blue - the sort of thing you see in Country Living mags. She has people buying them to park in their gardens/drives to use for visitors or playhouses for grandchildren .


Hi Poll Hope you have a super trip in your newly adapted camper van! Enjoy the well deserved break… luv Linda x

Hi guys, I`m back!

Sorry to have to tell you that it wasnt as successful a trip as Id hoped.

Of course, it wasn`t all bad. We did go to Chester on the train and had a lovely day out. The following day, our daughter and 2 granddaughters came for several hours. The weather was gorgeous.

Now for the bits that went wrong…My hubbys pain from RA and OA were giving him extra trouble. Hed got some codeine just before we left home. It didn`t put the slightest dent in his pain…

One morning, as sis was assisting me to dress, I got off the loo and she turned me on Tina (Turner) and aimed me towards the bed to sort my lower regions out, when I fell backwards…on top of her…she weighs 9st and I am… ahem…rather more than her…as we went down, the support for the bed cracked and gave way…I went down to the floor and sis wriggled out from underneath me…poor lass!

We yelled for hubby to come. He hobbled as quickly as he could.(neither of us can do quick anymore).

My feet were fast against the loo base, toes all bent this way and that, spasticity had a field day with my legs…stiff as concrete posts…What the chuff do we do now?, I thought.

Well hubby crouched beside me and re-arranged my feet and toes…no, they werent having any of it, as they shot back straight again..........oh the chuffin pain!!!

He made 4 attempts to lift me, with little sis doing her best to make my knees lock as I came up. They decided they didn`t want spasticity now! Each time I yelled in pain. my back, my boobs, my feet!

No, it wasn`t working. So bro in law came to help. He is also a member of the painful arthritis club, by the way!

He and hubby placed an arm each under my arm pits and heaved…Im weeing!` I cried. Sis grabbed a towel and shoved it under my bum, as i was raised to the bed!!! Knackered, with pains everywhere, the 4 of us breathed a huge sigh of relief.

This was on the 3rd day and 2 more nights were looming. Shall we go home? I asked my team. There was a resounding, NO!.

So what did we do with the collapsed bed? We used a bottle car jack to shore it up and it worked a treat.

Hubbys pains it any chuffin wonder with me in tow, eh?

This morning he went to the docs and was given a stronger codeine tab, an anti inflammatory and lansoprazole to counteract the effects of the anit inflammatories.

Are we going away again? I dont chuffin know!

luv POllx

Hi Poll. You probably don’t think so now but in the future you will all laugh about thisbut for now you probably need a holiday to get ovet the holiday!! Hope everybodys aches and pains settle down soon.


Oh Poll, it never pours when it rains does it.

What a time of it youve all had, but very inventive just the same. Bet you all had a jolly good laugh at the end even though your legs misbehaved and your poor G was in pain, with bro in law following close behind. As for your poor carer sis, was she damaged too? or a wee bit smaller after your sumo wrestling?

Im glad you managed to get away, but boy you need to write a book of your exploits and those of your family trying to bring normality into the situatiion. You dont do things by half luv, but you sure as heck make us all laugh. Thank goodness you can too eh.

Welcome home love,



Poll welcome home…I missed you!

I have said this before and I will say it again…you have a talent for writing humorous sketches about the ups and downs of ms life and I can always totally picture the story unfolding as I read on.

You really should think about putting them all together as a collection of short stories…I would buy them



I never know whether to laugh or cry when i read your posts!

You explain things so well - i feel like i am there with you.

We all love your posts Poll. At least your life is not boring! It’s pretty eventful!!

A few days rest for all might be a good idea so you can recover from your ‘holiday’

Teresa. x

as always you made me laugh,you really do need to write a book always find the humour in bad situations, now that is a gift, really it is.

jaki xx

so thats Me , Theresa and Jaki would buy it… so jog on Kitty


Well Poll I think you are a hero for going!

That really made me laugh and could imagine it all… you really should write this stuff… ‘Poll’s Diary’. Would be great.

Glad you all made it home in once piece,

Pat x

What I didn`t mention was the fact that i had no drawers on!

Go on guys, have an extra laff courtesy of yours truly!

luv Pollx

Oh Poll You keep us all smiling. I am so sorry for what you went through but you make it sound so funny. Glad the train trip was good and that you had a lovely time when your granddaughters came. Hope you manage to have a good rest, in order to recover. Love Teresa xx

Hi Frances. I agree…the caravan your daughter bought, sounds too good for the purpose she bought it.

I dont think it would be warm enough for Paulcs nan, as winter seems already here.

hope someone does get pleasure out of the van.

luv Pollx