hi all

Afternoon guys and gals.

Been galavanting off again. Been to a great campsite in Delamere forest in Cheshire. We had 5 nights and I managed better than when we went away in May. My sis came in her campervan (hubby too) and took such great care of me, making sure my tender heels didn`t break into pressure sores. I`ve been using some gel heel protectors (commonly now know as `my gellies`). I didn`t feel up to using the shower block, so sis `top and tailed` me very well.

Our daughter who is going thru divorce proceedings and her 2 wee girlies came too, in a tent!!! Yes, we had our share of the wet stuff, but we also had some sunny, warm days.....too warm for me yesterday, so I slinked inside the camper, while everyone else baked!!!

Think that`ll be our last jaunt this year, as the pennies are tight...unless my 5 + bonus number is kind.

Glad to be back and looking forward to doing a `toilet trials` post with you tomorrow.

Got some horror stories to tell!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

You are full of adventure - more so than me! It sounds like you had a great time.

Glad your daughter had some time away from her worries and had fun with her girls.

Await your next post with interest.

Teresa xx

Glad you had a good time Poll. Lovely to get away with the family and lovely to get home again!

Love Pat xx

Hi Poll

Glad it all went well, and I await your next post with anticipation!



Hi Poll, glad you had a lovely time, I am away in my jolly’s a week on tues really looking forward to a break. I await your post with anticipation I am sure it will make me smile. Love Karen xx

Hi Poll, so glad you had such a good time and what a lovely sounding family you have. happy2

Looking forward to the next installment. thumbsup

Mags :-) xx

cheers all for your replies. Will post this aft about my `toilet troubles`.

luv Pollx