off on me jollies (not MS)

Welcome back Poll!! I too like the rest of your replies love reading your light hearted view on your escapades with MS!!! I don’t know about you but I get fits of giggles when I find myself in uncompromising positions after having fallen over. I can just picture the scenario, leg spasms etc. Hope your sis is ok? I too, would buy your book as it would be a great summing up of living with MS!!! The medics should be the first to order a copy :wink: Do take care Poll and pleased you are back. luv Linda x

Welcome back Poll.

Ditto all of the above,how did your new lift work that your hubby and bro in law added? I note Tina was there,has the tail lift been christened?


Hi again. The tail lift has been used many times now and it is fab!

About this book you all want me to write, what shall I call it?

Cant refer to it as anything MS-ish, as im still awaiting that elusive dx.


Life in the ? lane

Answers on a postcard please.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

It never rains but it pours, but I am sure, in time, you will all be laughing

about the event, hope you are all ok now.

I reckon you should call your book “Confessions from a wheelie”

just think, that could cover a whole host of subjects. lol

Glad you are back, take care

Pam x

Whatabout…Wheelie people do it sitting down ?

luv Pollx


Whatabout…Wheelie people do it sitting down ?

luv Pollx

[/quote]Love it Poll x


Sounds good to me