lift me up!

Afternoon pals.

Im doing better now my bowels have loosed, after last weeks horrendous events…movicol to the rescue!

Some of you may recall me saying my hubby is altering the campervan for me again…for the 3rd time!!!

He made a new kitchen, sink/hob combined unit. Looks fab.all shiny and new.

He re-designed my bed, so it doesn`t collapse anymore, like it did when we were away…not funny!!!

He removed the wash basin/unit and installed a flip up basin, so now there is more floor soace for my turner (Tina, as I refer to her)

Now for the bestest bit…

He removed the ramp, and has installed an electric wheelchair lift!!! Cor, flippin eck…what a mammoth task!

Bro-in-law helped a great deal. As I watched, I winced when they lifted the contraption onto the back of the van, I thought,

Look at these two 60+ men, riddled with rheumatoid arthritis, doing this for me. Blessem!`

I know, I am lucky and spoiled rotten!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

That sounds fantastic! What a lovely husband you have. And bro-in -law!

We have a caravan and i can appreciate what a lot of work/effort that must have been put in by them both.

You are a very lucky girl! - not having the camper but having such lovely helpful people around you. I am so envious!!

Enjoy! You deserve it!

Teresa. x

Hi Poll What a really handy husband you have. My husband could only dream of doing such wonders! I hope it exceeds your expectations on your next trip in it! You are a lucky girl but as Teresa says you do deserve it too. Love Teresa xx

Oh Poll that is so nice and I am sure you deserve it, happy camping !! Love Karen xx

I can see you shouting from your wheelie “BEAM ME UP SCOTTY”

you’re a lucky gal Poll xx

Enjoy Polly! We love caravanning hope you have lots of fun! Chis

hiya Poll

Brings new meaning to my onwards and upwards eh!!!

When are you going to try her out for real…and whats the lift going to be called?


Hi, ooh, hadn`t thought of a name. Suggestions on a postcard, please! Going to Delamere forest in Cheshire on 21st.

luv Polllx

Hi Poll… all sounds lovely and that is such a wonderful post.

As for a name for the lift… I think in ‘real life’ you are not called Poll so maybe you should name the lift Poll?

Pat x

Hmm, I think that might confuse hubby…Id be saying, Get Poll out to lift Poll`.

My given name is Pauline. But a lot of folk call me Polly or Poll.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll That sounds fantastic for you, well done to your hubby!! You deserve folk going the extra mile for you and I hope you will get lots of pleasure using the van. Any further forward with the peristeen system??? Love Linda x

Hi Linda, cheers for your reply.

as regards the peristeen…GP was against me using it. So now its movicols and prune juice and figs every day. And yes, now Im having trouble keeping it in!

luv Pollx