given up our camper hols........sad

Hi pals.

For more years than I can count, hubby and I have enjoyed great hols in a variety of motorhomes. Before that, when the girls were at home, we holidayed in tralier tents and caravans. The motorhomes were more to our liking in latter years.

Our first one was a Sooty van! Built on a small chassis/engine, we decided to trade it in for something bigger, when a cyclist overtook us somewhere hilly in Scarborough! We enjoyed a series of new and nearly new vans, but after falling out of the last one, due to worsening mobility mishaps, we had to admit defeat. At the time adaptations for disability were very limited.

So for a couple of years we returned to using a car to get around.

After visiting friends who had just bought a lovely motorhome, our thoughts returned to the pursuit of our own holiday home on wheels and the freedom they give. So hubby set about finding a minibus which could be transformed into a bespoke campervan.

We located a super subject and we planned our own design. i was Project Manager, sourcing and ordering all the necessary bits and pieces. These ranged from finishing screw covers to a 90 litre fridge and a thetford flushing swivel loo…boy are those guys pricey!

I loved going through the catalogues and phoning suppliers, whilst poor hubby sweated blood and tears putting it all together.

13 weeks later, there he was! Our Bertie Bus…he might have been several years old body-wise, but inside was an immaculate fully equipped campervan. He drew so many compliments and looks of admiration. He even had an electric wheelchair lift on the back. We did many miles all over the UK in Bertie and wept when he failed his 3rd MOT bigtime.!

He was replaced with a similar panel van and his contents were shifted over to the new van. Hey, some of you may remember the time we set off on hol in him and he broke down at the side of the motorway…oh and someone kindly threw an empty Red Bull can at me, as I sat bewildered and upset in my wheelchair…it couldve been a full can, eh? Theres some nice folk out there!

Right, back to today…hubby and I have had a talk about future holidays in Cookie. last years holiday didnt go well. I fell inbetween the loo and bed, the bed collapsed with my sis underneath me........shes half my weight, bless her!

Due to using the hoist and electric bed, accessible shower etc at home, I just can`t cope in the van now. Hubby says it isnt a holiday for him anymore…too much involved with my care.

He is happy for me to go away with my carers, as I did in May and am again in September, to suitably kitted out places. Hubby will take a few days away on his own in Cookie.

Quite sad really…but there you go eh?

luv Pollx

Awwww Poll, This is so sad.

I love going away in our little caravan. It makes me feel so much better. I really feel for you but I know that I will have to make that decision when I get to the point that it gets hard work for Dave.

Keep smiling though hun!! You will find something else to lghten your life.

Shazzie xx

Oh Poll It’s horrid when you have to admit defeat…but as your avatar suggests bring on the next battle! I am sure you and your lovely hubby will find something new to move onto : ) Mish x

Poll, Recently,my daughter bought a small but beautifully formed caravan. lt has a seperate full-size shower and loo. Full size cooker and fridge +awning. She had a trial weekend camping in our field to give herself some caravanning experience. At 5am this morning she hitched up and drove - with friends to the V-Festival in Staffordshire. She said she had outgrown using a tent!

A family in a motorhome parked up by her - and they turned out to be people she met last year at a festival - they are from the lsle of Man - and were so pleased to meet up with my daughter and her friends. They said what a good time they had with them. The sun was shining when she rang - so hopefully, the wellies will not be needed. They have taken all the food and booze they will need - as it costs so much to buy there.

Wish l had gone as well. l always encourage her to do lots of things - its like living my life through her.

I’m so sorry to hear that Poll, but after your holiday in September and hubby has his break - and you both have a breather to get over the holiday - then it will be onto bigger and better things.

My holidays consist of a few days in Luton to chase after my 3 yr old niece who doesn’t realise that Aunty JellyBellyKelly (and I always get my full title) is getting old and decrepit.

And no comments about already being there!!

Enjoy your break in September hun xxx

Hold onto the memories you have Poll. luv Linda x

Ta lots guys. yes, we do have lots of good memories.

This chuffin thing` whatever it is, has robbed us of so much.

But I wont dwell too long on it, as we still have each other, eh?

aw, now I`m filling up!


((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))) big fat squidgy ones Poll

jaki xx

Sorry to hear that Polly, hope you can have a good time away with your carers although I guess it won’t be the same but hey ho with this disease what is, it’s just a case of adapting and enjoying the changes the best you can. Your enthusiasm for life really fills me with hope for the future for Rachael and I am so sorry that this is another thing that has been taken from you. I hope you can come to accept this and look forward to your time away. Big hugs Linda x

Oh Poll i’m sorry to hear that!!

My mum has a campervan that she takes me and my kids away in, have done 3 hols so far this year and they have been ok tho i do struggle with all the walking but do get lots of rest. Off to france for 5 nights next week which im really nervous about, but fingers crossed it will be good. The thought of not being able to go on camping hols due to this horrid monster is upsetting, ( i have deteriorated soo much since dx in march will just have to see what next year brings).

Hope you enjoy your break in september

Kate x x

Hi Poll

I’m sorry you’ve had to give up your camping holidays but safety first eh? At least you have loads of happy memories (and some dubious ones too) of your adventures around the country. From what I have learned about you, I don’t think you will be down-hearted for long, you’re an inspiration to so many of us :slight_smile:

Have a lovely break in September with lots of creature comforts.

Tracey x

Ah, how lovely of you all to be so kind.

Yep, I do try to keep me pecker up, despite everything nasty being chucked my way. There`s always someone worse, no?

It`s only 3 weeks till we go to Filey. hey-ho!