Positive travel experience

I have just got back from a brilliant holiday to the US and would like to share few of the positive bits. I struggle to walk more than a few yards so booked ‘special assistance’ to get help at the airports. This worked really well and meant we got to jump the queues at security and Immigration. We also got on to the planes first so had first dibs on the overhead locker space before the crowd got on with their stuff. There seemed to be much more respect for disabled people in America with plenty of disabled parking spaces available everywhere we went. Perhaps their use is better enforced, but even supermarkets had loads of disabled spaces available. The Grand Canyon had a great scheme at the South Rim. People with mobility issues can ask for a free pass to take their vehicles up the roads where they usually only allow buses. We were able to take a large camper van anywhere we wanted to in that area and were able to watch sun rise and sunset on the edge well away from the crowds. The campgrounds we used had really good disabled facilities. The best thing about hiring the camper van was that I didn’t have to worry about finding a toilet as we had our own! I’ve been on lots of holidays at home and abroad since having MS and this really was the easiest from a disability point of view.

Sounds great, thinking about heading there in a year or so! Did you happen to go on a helicopter ride around the canyon, wondered if they cater for disabled on those?

Wow that sounds amazing, I would love to travel round the states in a camper van! Nice to hear of a good experience.

oooooo we were looking at camper vans last night on the tinternet. Our big journey is in a couple of years when husband retires but just to hear about your brilliant experience adds a bit more to my dream.

sounds simply fab x

We didn’t have a helicopter ride, but for most things we did do we spoke to the companies in advance and they were really helpful. We went to Antelope Canyon which involves walking on sand. I find this incredibly tiring. The driver went as close as she could to the canyon entrance to make it possible for me. The main helicopter companies all have websites so you could find the phone numbers and talk to them before booking. Few words of warning about camper vans, the showers in them tend to be tiny and can involve a high step up. For the very tall or overweight they would be difficult to use and nigh on impossible for the less mobile. Most of the campsites we stayed at had really good showers though, so don’t book too many nights at sites without facilities. The vans also drink fuel so the price of petrol is worth checking when you plan these trips. All in all this was a fabulous trip!

Glad you had a great time. We have also used RVs or motorhomes to holiday in. Seven years ago me and my hubby and 2 kids travelled around Vancover and the Rockies in RV and last year we did Cairns to Brisbane in a motorhome. I wasn’t on DMDs then but seeing as the vehicles are very well equiped and have fridge I can’t see that as a problem. Hopefully in a few years time we want to holiday in New Zealand in motorhome too- funds permitting!!! I agree all the campsites we have used have been very good re facilities.