Hols advice


I’m not diagnosed but am asking you guys for help as you are used to managing around lack of mobility.

My husband bought me a disability scooter, which at the time I wasn’t keen on. However I have since learnt the merits of saving my energy for the fun stuff rather than arriving at my destination knackered and in agony. My walking is very poor.

So what do you do when you go on holiday? I’m thinking of Tenerife.

Can you hire disability scooters anywhere abroad or the airport?

Many thanks, Gillian

I prefer to take my own wheelchair on holiday - makes the airport infinitely easier to manage and I don’t have to rely on finding one when I get there.

I’ve never seen a disability scooter at an airport, so I don’t think that’s possible. Not sure about hiring one abroad though - I guess it depends on where you go.

Chairs take up a lot less space than scooters though and are much more widely available so I would have thought a chair would be easier overall.

Hopefully someone will be along soonish who knows more!

Karen x

If you own your own disability scooter why not take your own on holiday? I have flown with mine and it is no hassle as long as you let the airline know when you book the tickets that you have a scooter. There is usually some paper work to fill out regarding the batteries to satisfy the aviation safety requirements but as long as the airline know in advance the paper work is done at check in. You will have to arrive earlier than usual to allow time to have the scooter checked in and most airports have wheel chairs available for you to use in the terminal after your scooter has been checked.

I have never found it a problem but as I said, book early, let them know at booking and have the details of your scooter including battery type and voltage etc available.

Have a lovely holiday


Thanks Belinda,

WOOHOO I’m getting really fond of the scooter that I viewed as the enemy a couple of months ago.

I thought it would be a no no as they are quite heavy, and the last time I flew I was moaning over the cost of taking my golf clubs on the plane…how times change!

I must get a sticker to put on my scooter from every country I take it, lol

(c’mon it beats the poop out of collecting fridge magnets) Cheesy? who cares

Hi Gillian

Belinda is spot on! Gatwick and Stansted allow you to keep your scooter right up to the time you board the plane and bring it back to you once you land. Happy hols!!