Nausea Dizziness and painful eyes...

Hi everyone ,

Does anyone suffer with heavy painful eyes (literally can’t touch my eyelids) and severe nausea and dizziness? The nausea just won’t stop, I’ve had tablets from the doctor etc but feel like I’m on the pirate ship at a theme park! Lol!

Be grateful for any advice anyone has

Laura x

ask your GP if it could be caused by labyrinthitis.

there are exercises for this, they sound quite complicated though.

ask GP about them.

that would deal with the dizzyness.

painful eyes, ask GP if a specialist could help and ask to be referred.

carole x

Hi Carole,

Thanks for your response.

I’ve been to the GP he said he thinks it’s the MS, was just wondering if anyone had the same, I know everyone has different symptoms

Laura x

smacked hand for your gp.

he shouldn’t have given you a diagnosis, that’s the neuro’s job.

a lot of people with ms have painful eyes caused by optic neuritis.

many have dizzyness too.

carole x

Okay thank you :slight_smile: I just think any symptom I have the GP blames on my MS.

Laura X

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sorry laura for some inexplicable reason i thought you weren’t diagnosed. duh!

Dear Laura, when my symptoms are up and/or following my plegridy injection, my eyes are so very, very sore. Not inside though, not the eye balls exactly, just, all of the eyes. Feels as though I have been smashed in the face and I have to rest the lids.

I also suffer extreme dizziness (most of the time) which is common for people with MS. Staying busy and active helps with my dizziness. If I lay down it seems worse.

Luckily I don’t have nausea? Maybe your nausea comes from (is part of) feeling dizzy?

I am keen not to take more drugs, so I try to rest, little and often. I think there are various drug options for the dizziness. I think that the GP can prescribe travel sickness stuff too.

I haven’t tried it, but could you try acupuncture?

Sadly, I am dizzy even when I swim. I do wish you better. Warmest thoughts Ali

I have ON and painful eyes. or eye actually. i get feeling nauseated some days and others not so much. my eyes are worse when i am tired, hot or stressed. i hate the light it makes my eye worse.

Yes mine is the same. i had painful eyes and felt nausea and the GP said its your MS. I have had optical neuritis though 2 positive vep tests. anyway the gp got my MS nurse activated and i went to see him. he did a colour chart test and said i was having an ON flare it could take a year to settle. well that was nearly a year ago now and its still playing me up.

I am see opticien tomorrow to check for pressure in my eye. just in case. I do get days when i feel sick i drink ginger beer, my eyes are painful well left eye, and i cant bend down without the eye ball hurting. I hate daylight at times and watching or typing is hard work with white background, as my eyes are blurry and i get ghost vision.

i think hyou should be tested for optical neuritis.

Thanks for your reply,

It sounds pretty similar doesn’t it, I’ll definitely get checked too, thankyou :slight_smile:

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Haha, no problem Carole! I thought you was thinking that :slight_smile:

Hi Ali,

Thanks for your reply

That’s exactly what mine are like and I’m glad I’m not the only one with this dizziness.

I think nausea comes hand in hand with it…similar to vertigo, because before I was diagnosed I had this for abit a year and was on all sorts of vertigo medication without effect.

I too am a little hesitant about taking different drugs.

Laura x

Hi there I’m 29 and for the past five weeks I have been really unwell. Flu like symptoms, episode of double vision amd lose of sensation on my right side which cleared, then my right eye vision started to deterorate … feeling extremely tired aching amd really bad headaches amd pressure. Finding it hard to do anything. Also not been eating well . I was put on steriods and my right eye vision isn’t as bad now. I had a mri which shows Demilanation patches of nerve damage . Amd bow I had to wait up to 6 months to see a neorolagist for a diagnosis amd treatment :-/. . I feel so unwell . They said to Try exercise amd think positive could have been worse and how I’m healthy young woman amd will live a long life but feel so unwell and so worried if anything else happens especially as iv got two young girls aswell. I’m finding it all extremely hard . As soon as i get treatment i imagine things could be better its just a horrible wait many thanks

Hi yes it must be hard with children. i do feel for you. try not to get too anxious though as it makes it worse.

It will settle down some of it is residual shock from the diagnosis.

Just pace yourself and dont rush to do things. how old your daughters, if they are old enough let them help mummy. give them little chores to do they can handle and reward them. just explain mummy isnt well at the moment and they need to be her special girls…its amazing how good kids can be in these circumstances.

are you on your own then?

contact your local MS society centre and ask them for help and advise.

you dont have to do this on your own.

rope in familiy if you can.

you just need to get through the next few months until your treatment is decided.

it will settle down honestly. but the more you stress the worse it gets. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi , thy are 9 and 4. Iv got my husband. He has had awhile off work to help . But he s planning on going back next week which I’m worried about as I feel so unwell most days just can’t do much.I no it is all a shock and it all happened so suddenly :-/. Everyday I wake up I hope to feel better but soon realise I don’t. I know i got to be positive amd I’m sure it will get easier alot of people say that amd how thw beginning is always the worst . Thank you for your reassurance :slight_smile: xx

Hey Lara,

i was diagnosed with MS 27/710 - not that that has anything to do with this post - just want to show off my amazing memory - lol!!!

I occasionally, maybe monthly get acutely sore eyes - not ON -it’s like my actual eye balls hurt - can go on for days. I take codeine and ibuprofen for the pain. Codeine totally messes my bowels up.

was referred to the consultant eye doctor - ophthalmologist - result was that my eyes were fine - so that was an immense relief.

not suffered the nausea or dizziness- that sounds horrid

Hope it clears up for you


Min xx

Hi Hun ill private message you

Laura X

Hi min,

Thank god your eyes were fine :slight_smile:

The nausea and dizziness is awful, but I’ve had that for ages!!! Just wondering if anyone had the same

Laura X

also happens at such moments I feel terrible

That’s very true. I’m constantly feeling yuk at moment. Head head pressure not nice :-/ xx