Dizziness when moving

Hi Can anybody help please, have had all the tests brain,spine MRI . Lp etc just waiting to go back to ms specialist to confirm DX. Had this first flare for 16 wks now and have got a lot better, still have pains in arms , legs and double vision to my far left. Question I like help with When I get up and move around seem a little dizzy and eyes seem very slightly delay, as I’m not DX yet who do I speak to and see if I can get help,take something for it. Or do I just have to live with it Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense Thanks

I’m in the same position as you are gray Still waiting for dx and suffering the same as you with slightly delayed eyes and dizziness at times. I do know from my brother who is dx’d with rrms that it can happen sometimes to a huge extent (he’s looked like a chameleon sometimes with the delays in the eyes!! First question is how long till you see you neuro and can you cope til then? If not it might be worth contacting his secretary to inform him you’re struggling and can’t cope. They may bump (i say may) it up to an earlier date?. Once you’re dx’d you’ll be referred to a ms specialist and ms support team who will help more Does this help at all?

Hi Gray

I suffer with eye problems similar to yours too, and also virtigo, dizziness and balance issues. It’s difficult to know what’s causing what, but it’s worth contacting your GP or MS nurse, as they can prescribe stuff to help. Sometimes travel sickness tablets help too, so may be worth a try. Perhaps a trip to the opticians too?

I sympathise! x

Gray, Hunny has a good point. I initially got given stemetil tablets which eased the vertigo feeling and when I ran out travel sickness tablets had the same effect :slight_smile:

Gray, Hunny has a good point. I initially got given stemetil tablets which eased the vertigo feeling and when I ran out travel sickness tablets had the same effect :slight_smile:

Hi Gray! It is possible that if you are dx with ms that you are in relapse still at the moment. Hopefully as you come out of the relapse the symptoms will ease a bit. I had bad dizziness/vertigo at the time of my dx and i was given stemetil tablets and also steroids. My dizziness was so bad i could not stand for more than 4 seconds without falling over so i was reffered to a neuro-physiotherapist who worked with me through the relapse. She did exercises with me each week and gave me things to do on a daily basis at home. I was put onto the dmd rebif and i improved. If you have an ms nurse then give her a call or leave a message with the neuro secretary to see if they can help. Your gp can prescribe stemitil if needed and refer you to the neuro-phisio. When you go back to the neuro you will find that they will start to help you with your symptoms if you have a diagnosis. Good luck. Best wishes. Teresa.x

Thank you all That’s the problem at the moment I’m awaiting DX 99% certain , ms neuro just wanted the LP results to rule out a few things. So I don’t have a ms nurse to ask at the moment and awaiting return appointment to neuro. Will give travel sickness tabs a go , can’t hurt Thank you all very much , Gray

Well update Had a chat with my GP today , told him about this and he said until DX don’t really know what route to go down. So has given me STUGERON said they might help, but won’t hurt trying and see him next week. So wish neuro appointment would come and I could move forward . One thing else does anybody eyes seem light sensitive the dizziness doesn’t seem so bad if I wear shades. Take care Gray

Good news Gray, hope the pills help take the edge off anyway.

Yes, I have very light sensitive eyes, and find sunglasses help a bit, but not really sure why! But if it works, why not!

And I look cool,especially indoors lol