Head/eye pain, dizzyness & nausea...:-(

Hi guys, I’ve been having a few problems for the past week or so and I’m not sure if it’s ‘normal’ for MS or whether I should see my GP (it’s a bit of a nightmare to get an appointment so I’d rather not bother if I can avoid it).

I sometimes get a bit of dizzyness, like the ground is shifting under my feet, but lately, I walk through the house to the kitchen and I start to feel like I’m going to black out and feel a bit sick and have to hold on to something. This is accompanied my a pain in the front of my head which goes away after a few seconds and then I am ok. I have been having problems with pain behind my left eye lately and an accompanying headache and nausea so I wondered if it was all related?

Does anyone get something similar?

Many thanks,

Mags xx

I get that to had it on/off for 2 months im not diagnosed though

Ive had that dizziness for around two years now but its got worse. these last few months and it hasnt gone away. The pain in your left eye is probably something else, I dont want to scare you but you should see your gp or neuro so they can have a look. Take care mags. xx Frank.

When you say you walk through the house, do you mean that you got up and then walked through the house? If yes, it could be low blood pressure perhaps? I have problems with this - it can cause dizziness, fainting/blacking out, narrowing of vision (pre-faint), ringing in my ears,… The trick is to get up slowly, especially if you’ve been lying down.

If it’s low bp, then I don’t think it would be related to pain behind your eyes. That sounds like migraine to me (another thing I have problems with!).

Karen x

Thanks Mel, Frank & Karen all for your replies. It has helped me to get a bit of perspective on things.

Yes Karen, I often have a problem with standing up too quickly and get the ‘head rush’ feeling. Was just puzzled that I now seem to get all the way through the house before it happens and I’ve never had it to this extent.

I suspect now that maybe my lovely symptoms are changing again as I’ve also had eye problems in the past (neuro thinks a form of optic neuritis) but not to the extent that it’s made me feel sick and as you say, the head pain could be a form of migraine (another new one for me). My bowel issues are also playing up this week (newish)…it’s all very frustrating…

I shall try to be more carelful about getting up and make an effort to drink more fluids. Luckily, the last time I saw my neuro, he referred me for a 24 hr heart monitor so I’ll see if that picks anything up.

I hope you get you dx sorted soon Mel and they don’t keep you in limbo too long hun.

Thanks again guys,

Mags xx

Hi mags,

i suffered from similar symptoms to you. i have dizzyness 24/7 and have suffered with it for the last 4 months now. my right eye at the start played me up by blurred vision and i had really severe headaches which would go away on taking pain killers. the right side of my face was numb but has nearly returned to normal now and i have regained full vision. I had my first attack back in june this year and suffered with all of these symptoms and i also felt nauseous too . The only symptom that i am now left with is the dizzyness which i cant seem to shake off at the moment but i am staying positive and hopefully it will go.

Hope you are feeling better today. Take it easy.


Thanks Sharon. I’m glad your eyes are better now hun and that your face follows suit.

Mine seem to be ok now and the headaches and nausea have gone too so I’m guessing they were related. Still having some dizzyhess but nowhere near as bad as it was so fingers crossed for us both!

Take care hun,

Mags xx

Nice one mags. F.xx

Its good to see your feeling better, I’m feeling better too - more positive. The meds my gp rx nearly took all of the neural pain away - first time ive been nearly pain free for years. So i did the gardening to.celebrate ! burger o’clock, see you later mags. F.xx